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Welcome and chapter background:                   

The Officers and staff of GWRRA Alabama Chapter H would like to welcome you to the world of the GWRRA and especially to AL-H.  The chapter was reactivated on January 20, 2007.  Since this chapter is based in Athens, Alabama the inaugural members decided we would be the Eagle Wings of Athens.  The Golden Eagle is the mascot of the local high school and we selected it as our chapter logo to honor the town where we are based.  The wings are in gold to signify our commitment and affiliation with GWRRA.  Our chapter color is royal blue and will be used for all chapter coordinated shirts and flags.  The chapter meets the second Thursday of each month at the International House of Pancakes (IHOP), near the intersection of Route 72 and I-65 in Athens, Alabama, Eat 6:15pm/Meet 7:00pm.  We are all at your disposal for any questions or comments that you may have. We hope you will join us and participate in all chapter events.

What Chapter AL-H Is All About

The Eagle Wings of Athens are a ride oriented chapter.  Although our slogan is "it's all about the ride". We are more than a group of motorcycle riders.  We try to be a family that the members have decided to join.  We promote the core words from the GWRRA motto Fun, Safety, and Knowledge.  Our riders are involved in many things and go many places but the emphasis of this chapter is on the ride and comradery.  For the ride to be fun we, as a Chapter, will decide on destinations or general cruising that will be enjoyable for the group participating in the ride.  We will promote and educate riders and co-riders on Safety through pre-ride meetings, formal, and informal classes and stress safety without it being oppressive.  The chapter officers and staff will ensure that you have access to any information and training necessary for you to become a safer and more confident rider and co-rider.  The safety program is under the direction of the Chapter Educator and the Chapter Directors, together with the officers and staff we will ensure you have all the Knowledge and training necessary to be safe and enjoy the rides.

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