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February 2018 

Chapter Director's corner


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

Thank you for your support! Thanks to you, the members of Chapter H, Jan and I were named Senior Chapter Directors at the District Officer’s Conference. We thank you for your support.

We have had a blast visiting different restaurants and experiencing the camaraderie with the Chapter. As I keep saying, the Chapter is the family we chose to join. Do we agree on everything? Probably not, but who does agree on everything?  It is important to concentrate on the agreements instead.  What do we have in common? What do we enjoy doing? Where are our passions? Help us to discover more passions during 2018, come up with new experiences. Wing Ding in Knoxville and the Alabama District Rally are just two of the opportunities, suggest other, different opportunities for adventures. 

Jan and I plan to be in the Knoxville area early, so we can do a bunch of the local rides. We enjoy the Tail of the Dragon, but I enjoy the ride down to Cherokee even more. That may have something to do with my Paternal Great Grandmother being a full-blooded Cherokee, but I would rather think it is an appreciation for the beautiful scenery.

Come join us on our adventures.  I challenge you to discuss the trip to Billings with any who went there and not be interested in visiting the sites we experienced.  Yellowstone is an experience I could enjoy for years, not days, The Black Hills were simply Awesome, how did Amarillo, Texas fit in? Well we all need a good steak from the Big Texan.

Our trip to Grapevine, TX was not as exhilarating, but we did enjoy the opportunity to spend time with friends, and for Chapter H to have 12 members together, that far from home, was phenomenal.  Thank you all for your participation.

We will be having both an Advanced Rider Class (ARC) and a Trike Rider Class (TRC) at the Alabama Rally on 17 and 18 May.  If you are going and need the course to remain current, we recommend you sign up. The cost of either course is $25.00 per bike, but the chapter will pay $15 of that. We also plan to have courses in Russellville, but arrangements are still in the works.

Please join us for as many activities as you can, we love seeing all of you.

Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors

News from Your District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, as this is written we have just completed our annual Alabama Officers Conference. We wish to thank each of you for attending and hopefully it was a pleasant day for everyone. There were several new items discussed and CD’s we hope you will take the time to thoroughly read through the handouts that were distributed during the day. Once you have done so please distribute the information you received to your Chapter Team and to everyone in  your chapter. It is great that you have all this information but it is very important you pass this along to your participants as well. As we stated several times yesterday if you have any questions about what was discussed please contact the person who distributed the information,  your ADD or us and we will be glad to clarify any questions you may have. With the announcements of some new programs we want everyone to be clear on what is required. The judging sheets for all the District rally competitions will be posted on the District website so everyone will have access to that information prior to rally time. Once again, a big thank you from us and the entire District Team for your attendance and participation at the conference.

Please keep an eye on the events calendar located on the District website for upcoming events. This calendar contains not only chapter events but District and national events as well. The NEW District website address is Please check it out and go there often for updates for upcoming events and messages. CD’s please remember to contact Penny and Larry if you wish to have your own page on the website.

March begins the rally season for us with the kickoff to the season in Altamonte Springs, Florida and the Florida District Rally. We hope to see a great turnout from Alabama for this event. The Fl rally is always lots of fun and there are plenty of things to do both at the rally site as well as the surrounding area. We hope to see you there.

Please remember to keep all of our men and women in uniform who protect and serve us each and every day. Please keep their families in your prayers as well. Hopefully the weather will moderate very soon and we can all get back to riding and enjoying life with all of our GWRRA friends. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or need any information about what is happening in Alabama. See you out on the road,

Frank and Linda Teasley

A Note from Our North Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron Landers
North Assistant District Directors

Hopefully each of you enjoyed the ringing in of the New Year enjoying the different events offered. I know I did with the ride to Guntersville, enjoying the comradery of seven (7) Chapters who attended Day 1 of 2018 at Wentzel’s Oyster Bar. Thanks go to Chapter ‘Y’ for their setting this up. Yes, it was abnormally cold, but well worth the ride with the fellowship that followed. Again, it was a motorcycle event, however this was a 2, 3 or 4-wheel event and all but 4 decided to cage it. I don’t regret riding, but I don’t hold a grudge for those who caged it, it was COLD!

We now need to concentrate on some other events which will be knocking on our door sooner than later. We will begin with Chapter ‘N’s Chili Cookoff February 10th. If you didn’t go last year, you will want to visit with them this year. They do a terrific job of putting on a night of enjoyment and great chili. Remember, if it’s too cold for you to ride, come in your cage. If you don’t like to drive after dark, ride with a friend.

As stated last month, don’t forget two other notable events that will be here before you realize. The District Picnic and the District Rally. The District Picnic offers an opportunity for all of us to get together and enjoy some great comradery. Again, it will be at the Confederate Park in Marbury. While there, visit the museum. Hopefully, it will be warmer than last year for those of us who enjoy warm weather. Following the District Picnic, we will be preparing and ready to go south to Mobile for our annual District Rally.

May is our District rally, now is the time to begin thinking of what you want to do. There will be the usual events, costume and talent shows, Chapter banner, windshield cover, and something new this year, the photo contest, etc. Don’t wait until April or May to begin thinking of what you will be participating in as these take some preparation.

The above does not include the planning of rides while in Mobile. Again, don’t wait until you arrive to question where are you going to ride. (You probably won’t ride if you do.) Most of us joined this organization to ride and gain friendship with others who have the same interest. It seems every year I hear there is nothing to do, nowhere to ride. When all it takes normally, is one individual who will take the lead. Everyone is waiting on someone to lead the way. The problem – no one wants to take the initiative or time. What happens then, you sit in your hotel room which leads to another comment often heard, I don’t know anyone! Guess what, you will not get to know anyone by staying in your room, not attending or participating in the talent show, the costume show or any of the other events. Bottom line, get out, enjoy, and depart the rally with more memories and friends than you ever thought imaginable. It’s up to you. With the rally, now is the time to begin your COY (Couple of the Year) baskets. Again, don’t wait until April or May to decide on your COY Basket.

In closing, please keep ALL our GWRRA family in thought and keep the rubber to the ground, the sunny side up and Always ENJOY the Ride!! Looking forward to seeing you down the road.


A Note from Our Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron and Corky Alexander
Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

Well many of us attended the Officer’ Conference on the 20th.  My mind went into “data over load”.  Hopefully you all got a lot out of it.  We had a number of Officers there who had never been an Officer and were really desperate, BUT they were only learning the new stuff and not trying to delete the old to replace it with new.  The Conference went very smoothly with a lot of humor and a great 50/25/25.  I think it was two drawings for over $125.00 each. 

Corky and I should have ridden our bikes up there.  The weather was absolutely FINE.  Temps into the 60’s and no rain anywhere.  We went up Friday on I-65 around quitting time.  You all know that was a poor plan, but we made it OK.  Coming back on Sunday was very easy. 

Corky and I don’t get many opportunities to see our friends from up North Alabama, so this Conference gave us a wonderful chance to make up for lost time there. 

Corky and I thank the District Directors, Frank and Linda, for putting up with our illnesses and time missed, we’ll get better soon, I hope. 

Every one be safe and have fun.  See ya soon

Ron and Corky Alexander

A Note from Your District Educators

Rider Education/Motorist Awareness
Carl & Jan Breeding
Motorist Awareness Coordinators/District Educators, AL District GWRRA

A number of chapters, and individuals have expressed an interest in helping to find suitable places to hold riding courses, so I am providing further information on site requirements,

The range requirements are as follows:

Advanced Rider Course (ARC) 170 ft by 370 ft with no broken patches, concrete or asphalt, no traffic islands, bumpers, light posts, ditches, etc.  The range needs to be reasonably level. The range also needs to be protected from outside traffic transiting the range.

Trike Rider Course (TRC) 160 ft by 240 ft with no broken patches, concrete or asphalt, no traffic islands, bumpers, light posts, ditches, etc.  The range needs to be reasonably level. The range also needs to be protected from outside traffic transiting the range.

I can authorize small deviations to this if necessary, but I have to examine the area before scheduling the class.  I the Point of Contact for the use of the area can be identified and a phone number provided, I am willing to make the trip to examine the area and discuss getting the necessary permissions for use.

Additionally, each course requires the use of an area to conduct the classroom portion of the course which can accommodate twenty-four students and two instructors.

We plan to offer both an ARC and a TRC at the Alabama Rally in Mobile on 17 and 18 May, but I also know that one offering a year is far from enough opportunities for training for the members in our district.  I greatly appreciate any, and all assistance in making more courses available.

The requirements for all riding courses are:

Appropriate vehicle operating license.
Valid vehicle registration and proof of insurance.
Helmet that fits.
Eye protection.
Long sleeves,
Full fingered gloves.
Long trousers.
Over the ankle footwear

I would encourage you to sign up for the classes early, we can only accept 12 bikes for the ARC and 12 trikes for the TRC. Sign ups are first come, first served, and must be accompanied by a check for $25 payable to GWRRA Alabama District. Please indicate which course you want to take.

My mailing address is:
Carl Breeding
15015 Lancelot Circle
Harvest, AL 35749

Carl & Jan Breeding
GWRRA Alabama District Educators

A Note from our Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Danny Baker
Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinator

Well Hello Fellow Wingers!  Here we are with the first month of 2018 behind us and only 11 more to go till another New Year.  I hope everyone is well and dodging that terrible flu bug that’s been going around.  We had a great turnout for the District Officers Conference; it was good to see everyone.  That was the first time most of us had been together since October at the fantastic Region A Rally.

Just a reminder to all the CD’s that if you would like to nominate your Chapter MEC for the MEC of the year, please drop me an email explaining why you want them to be consisted by April 1st.

Also with the Chapter Visitation Program, I need to receive all Visitation Forms by May 1st.  Please make sure the forms are filled out properly and that the Map Quest is attached.  There will be numerous opportunities for visits to other chapters during the next three months, so take advantage of the theses.

I had a question this week from one of ours CD’s related to deceased members that are still listed on the Quarterly ARL.  The following is the information that Larry Anthony sent to me related to how the Chapter CD or MEC can handle this:

  The Home Office should be contacted.  I would say that you should have enough information about the deceased that they are sure it is a valid communication - Member number, address, etc.

Here is the response from the Wing World Magazine editor:

  We list deceased members in our "In Memorium" feature each month. Customer Service receives the calls from family, etc., records the info in their records, and then passes those names onto me each month for inclusion in the magazine. Darlene can phone 800-843-9460 and let them know. Thanks!

Let me know if you have further questions.

Anita Stienstra, Editor, Wing World magazine

Thanks Larry of your prompt responds to this question.

Till next time everyone be safe and have fun riding.


Chapter H Happenings

Lynne Chadwick

One of the fun things of being part of Chapter H is the nominations at the monthly gathering for two awards, the “Atta-Boy” and the “Ill Eagle”.  The “Atta-Boy” is given to the person in the Chapter who during the previous month has done something good.  It doesn’t have to be Chapter specific, just any good deed.  In the past it’s been awarded for helping another member work on his bike, visiting someone in hospital, going out to help a stranded Goldwinger on the interstate when they broke down, loaning another member a bike, hosting an event at home, taking someone to a doctor’s appointment and any other good deed.  It’s an award to acknowledge a good deed, no matter how big or small and many times the nominee is not really convinced that what they did was anything special.  The “Ill Eagle” on the other hand is awarded to the person nominated for doing something silly.  It’s a great opportunity to rat out your spouse or a fellow member.  In the past this has been awarded for leading a ride to a closed restaurant, reversing a car into a garage door, forgetting the “Atta-Boy” or “Ill Eagle” badge, wearing a Chapter sweatshirt on back to front, and many other reasons, too numerous to mention.  It has been known for people to come clean and admit to doing something wrong, before someone else gets the chance to spill the beans.  The nominations are put forward and voted on.  The recipient gets to wear their “Atta-Boy” or “Ill Eagle” with pride until the next gathering when they pass it forward, or as has happened before, they get nominated again and win.  There are times when we have several nominations for each award, when more than one person wins an award and even times when one person wins both in the same month, as happened in January.  The lucky winner for January was Kurt who won the “Atta-Boy” for buying me a new car for Christmas, and then won the “Ill Eagle” for being out of town when the hot water tank sprung a leak.  As the riding season gets into full swing, the number of nominees each month, particularly for the “Ill Eagle” will begin to grow as people look for things to rat out their fellow riders.  During riding season it is not uncommon to hear the words “that looks like an Ill Eagle” during a ride or at a final destination.  It’s a case of come clean or be ratted out.  It’s all taken in good fun and at the time the nominations are given there is a lot of laughter as the group get to hear about the things the nominee did.

What we did in January…….

January is usually a slow month for the Chapter.  Most people are still recovering from the Holidays, and of course the weather is not ideal for those long rides.  As we get older, we all tend to feel the cold a bit more and the idea of dressing up like an onion (many layers) and riding a couple of hundred miles is no longer the “fun” it used to be.  It’s times like these when we take to our cars.  Chapter H is far from a “fair weather” group.  We plan various rides throughout the year and mode of transport is optional.  The main emphasis is friends (the first word of the GWRRA slogan).  January 1st was the New Year’s Day Ride and Lunch at Wentzel’s in Guntersville.  It’s a time when Chapters from Alabama get together for lunch, renew friendships and catch up on gossip.  For many it’s a time to see friends you rarely get to see because of distance.  Despite it being New Year’s Day, there is always a good turn out and there are even some brave souls who ride their Wings for the first ride of the year.  As well as lunch, several Chapters will announce plans for the coming year.

In mid January we had our “Ride Planning Meeting”.  This took place at our house.  Everyone was invited and asked to bring ideas of where they would like to ride during the coming months and also to select places to meet for dinner on Thursdays.  With the weather having been so cold, we had five big crockpots of various soups and stews and so everyone was very well fed.  Planning the calendar sometimes get very hard.  We try to plan scenic rides for the warmer months and try to include indoor activities, museums, etc, for the colder months.  As a rule of thumb, we try to plan a ride for every Saturday.  By scheduling something each week it gives everyone the opportunity to take part.  A lot of members have commitments outside of the Chapter or events come up that prevent them from riding.  No one is obligated to ride every week, but as the weather improves the number of riders each week increases.  At times when we know there are other events going on and members will be out of town, we designate that Saturday as a “call a friend” day.  If the weather is good that day and you want to ride, you phone around and see if anyone else wants to join you.  We also plan Thursday night dinners for the coming three months, looking for new places to eat.  Of course we all have our favorites, but it's nice to find somewhere new to try.

The 20th January saw the annual Officers Meeting in Birmingham.  It was interesting to hear of changes within GWRRA along with exciting news about the new website that Penny has put so much work into.  It should make checking in with other Chapters very easy.  A kind of one stop shop for finding out what is going on with the Alabama Chapters of GWRRA.

GWRRA is very pro education, and one of the classes that all members are encouraged to attend is the Medic First Aid.  This is something that we renew every couple of years and is valuable to all members.  Several of us were due for ours to be renewed in 2018 and so a class was held at Roy and Rita Fosnight’s house on the 27th January.  Some members of Chapter B also attended.  Although this is a very serious class, we still have time to have some fun as we learn especially when it comes to using bandages on our spouses.  The class covers general first aid and ways you can help in an emergency situation until EMS arrive.  We also got to practice our CPR skills on mannequins as well as learning about using a portable EAD if needed.  After the class had ended, we went to dinner at the new Metro Diner in Madison.

With the holidays still fresh on our minds and our waistlines, we only went to dinner on two nights.  We tried out “Chicken Salad Chick” in Madison.  This has not been opened for very long and despite being very busy, the food was good, as was the company.  We also went to one of our favorite’s “Village Pizza” in Athens.

February’s calendar is looking pretty busy, and we are hopeful for some nice weather to go along with it.

Until next month,

Lynne Chadwick

Recipe of the Month

Slow-Cooker BBQ Pulled Chicken

3lbs. chicken breasts
2 to 2-1/2 cups barbecue sauce
Buns for serving

1. Place chicken breasts in a slow -cooker. Pour 2 cups barbecue sauce over top. Cover and cook on low for 4-6- hours or until chicken registers 165F.

2. Transfer hot chicken to a large cutting board. Using two forks, shred chicken. Transfer shredded chicken back to slow cooker and if desired, pour and additional ½ cup barbecue sauce over top. Cover and continue cooking chicken on low for 1 hour to let the flavors meld together.

3. Serve pulled chicken in warmed and split buns.

Scheduled Events for the Month

February 2018

1,    Thu - Dinner - DQ -- 6:30pm - 11128 County Line Rd, Madison, AL 35756  (Teal Shirts)

3,    Sat - Ride - Alabama Veterans Museum -- 10am - I-65 Athens Shell  (100 Pryor St, Athens, AL 35612)
Lunch at The Honeysuckle Cafe, 1609 Lee St, Rogersville, AL (Red shirts)

4,    Sun - Happy Birthday Jerry Rodgers

8,    Thu - Athens Eagle Wings Gathering -- 2nd Thursday of the month 6:15pm to eat/7pm to meet IHOP, 16211 Athens-Limestone Boulevard Athens, AL  (Blue shirts)

9,    Fri - Happy Birthday Melissa Rodgers

10,    Sat - Ride - Chapter N Chili Cookoff -- 1:30pm - Madison Shell / Cracker Barrel (Rainbow City Community Center, 3702 Rainbow Drive, Rainbow City, AL 35906)  (Blue shirts)

15,    Thu - Dinner - Samurai Steakhouse -- 6:30pm - 702 Us Highway 72 W, Athens, AL 35611  (Gold shirts)

17,    Sat - Ride - Round Island Baptist Church Roundup -- 5pm - 14790 Brownsferry Rd, Athens, AL 35611  (Dinner (chicken stew) and entertainment)

    - Medic First Aid Class - Chapter S - Russelville, AL

22,    Thu - Dinner - Cassie's Cafe -- 6:30pm - 26462 First St., Ardmore, AL  (Green shirts)

24,    Sat - Ride - Rickwood Caverns -- 10am - I-65 Athens Shell  (Rickwood Caverns State Park, 370 Rickwood Park Rd, Warrior, AL 35180)  (Teal shirts)

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