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May 2017 

Chapter Director's corner


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

First of all, let me say “Happy Birthday!” to my bride of sixteen years.  May 2 is her 60th anniversary of birth.

We just returned from the Tennessee Rally, it was really fun.  I seldom see a guy being kissed in public by another guy, even rarer is to see them both laughing afterwards, rarer still is to have it on video.  I won’t name names, but the Hatfield and McCoy Dinner Feud was a blast.  We managed to fill the hall with just the attendees at the rally, and I have to say it was well worth the money.  I had thought that the Talent Show at the rally was fun, but this was even more fun.  It was raining like crazy, but that did not manage to dampen the attitude of the crowd.

I would like to encourage all members to try and support their District, and if possible their Region and even the International Rallies by attending when possible and when finances allow.  I cannot afford to attend every rally I would like to, Jan doesn’t have the leave available to attend all she would like to, but we are attending all we can afford financially and within our time available.  We always have a lot of fun, and we dearly love all of the friends we have made through GWRRA.

This brings me to the subject of the Alabama Rally, 18 thru 20 May 2017. For the first time in a while we will again have both Medic First-Aid and Riding courses at the rally.  I know the Advanced Rider Course (ARC) is already full, but we still have four vacancies in the Trike Rider Course (TRC).  If you need either a riding course or a First-Aid/CPR course to get current or to advance in the GWRRA Levels Program, I would suggest this is your opportunity.

Next up, for most of us, is the Motorist Awareness Day on 3 June.  Chapters H and S have the Afternoon shift at the Welcome Center on I-65 coming out of Tennessee.  I would like to have all of the chapter members show up to support this event.  It is our big event for the year to try to influence the motoring public to be considerate of motorcyclist.  The chapter will be providing bottled ice water and GWRRA has provided literature to hand out; what do we ask of you, your time and energy in talking to the folks passing through.  After our shift is over, we plan on going to Mildred’s, in Ardmore, TN for dinner and comradery.

Several members plan to attend the Georgia, Mississippi, and South Carolina rallies, and several plan to travel to Grapevine, Texas for Wing Ding.  I would ask that, when you can, you pre-register.  Why? It lets the host have the funds necessary to pay rent on the venue and pay for meals, etc. that are to be provided, but the statistical awards, like the “Largest District outside the Region” that Alabama won at the Tennessee Rally only considers those who are pre-registered.  Pre-registration lets the host know how much room is needed for the event, how many meals are needed, and allows them to make the pre-payments necessary to host the event.

Ride often, ride safe, call a friend, have fun.

Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors

News from Your District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, another month has gone, wow, they sure seem to go by fast! At this writing we are less than one month away from the Alabama District Rally in Mobile! We hope all of you have made plans to be there and have fun with us! We have lots of activities planned for you as well as some great seminars. Your District Team has been hard at work to put together a great weekend for you. But remember, no matter how much we plan, we can’t do it without YOU, the members of GWRRA. This is all for you and we hope you will be there to share in the fun, excitement and joy that will happen over these three days. By the time this is posted the rally schedule will be posted on the District website so you can plan each day. Remember, not everything is on the schedule; we may have some surprises for you! Thursday kicks off with our annual dinner scheduled for 6PM (you must be preregistered for the dinner at least 2 weeks prior) to be followed by the costume contest. Get out your best “Sitcom” costumes and participate with us. There will be awards for single, couple and chapter categories so make your plans. Friday morning begins an activity two days. The COY/IOY selection process will begin at 10AM in the Camelia ballroom. We will be selecting our new couple and individual of the year. Please include this fun event in your schedule and support our participants. After the COY/IOY selection is rehearsal for the Talent Show that is on the agenda for Friday evening, right after the District Challenge. During the day Friday we have some great seminars scheduled, games, vendors and even a few surprises. The Mobile VCB will have representatives on hand on Thursday and Saturday to give you advice on what to see and do around Mobile. On Saturday, we have several great seminars scheduled, two that are needed for your levels program and one brand new one. If you are into photography, we have an expert in the field of digital photography to discuss with you how to not only take great pics but what to do with them afterward. The chapter challenge and chapter shirt contest is also scheduled for Sat morning, so get your chapter together and participate in this fun event. And remember, the rally is only as much fun as you make it, if you participate you WILL have  a good time but if you only walk around the hotel, don’t participate in anything, don’t go out and see some of the great things that Mobile has to offer, then it will be a boring weekend for you. Don’t let it be a boring weekend, get on board the fun train and participate, not only at the rally site but within the city of Mobile as well!

This past month was a busy one for all with several activities going on. The Florida rally was a great success and lots of fun was had by all who attended. On the 30th Chapters T & Y hosted the 40 to  Phoenix riders at the Irondale Café in Irondale, Al.  We had around 100 riders at dinner and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. The annual Alabama District Picnic occurred on April 8th and a big shout out to Mother Nature for providing us another wonderful weather day. We had a great turnout with every chapter in Alabama represented.  The announcement was made that Chapter D was chosen as the Region A Newsletter of the Year winner and will be in the selection process for National Newsletter of the Year. Congratulations to Ron Landers, the Chapter D team and all the Chapter D members, quite an honor! Chapter Y was given their chapter banner representing their being selected Alabama Chapter of the Year for 2016! Congratulations to Chapter Y! Lots of fun, prizes and good food was enjoyed by all who attended. We hope to see all of you there next year.

Remember, we are in the heart of the rally season in Region A. May brings two rallies in the region. South Carolina begins the month with their rally May 6and 7 in Beaufort, SC. We hope all of you will have the opportunity to attend. Secondly is our own Alabama District Rally in Mobile May 18, 19 and 20. If you have not already made plans please do so soon.

June brings several activities for the Alabama District. On Sat June 3rd, we will be manning the welcome stations all around the state to promote our annual MAD day. We want to remind all the motoring public about watching out for motorcycles. We hope all of you will attend with your chapter. Saturday June 10th brings up Chapter J’s fun day. Please see the District website for the location and times. Come out and play with Chapter J! On Sat June 17th, Chapter M will be having their annual picnic. Location and times are posted on the District website. Always lots of good food (including homemade desserts) at this event. We hope you will make plans to join us and support Chapter M. Finally, the month ends with the Georgia District Rally in Dalton, GA. The Dalton convention center is a terrific place to hold a rally so please make plans to be there and support the Georgia District on June 22, 23 and 24. Registration forms and schedules are posted on the Alabama District website.

OK, that gets us caught up on everything around the District and Region. We hope you can make plans to attend as many of the above events as possible. Remember, the more you participate the more FUN you have! Please remember all of our men and women in uniform and all of our first responders and their families who protect and serve us each day. When you get the opportunity, say thanks for all they have done and continue to do for us. We hope to see all of you out on the road,
Frank and Linda Teasley

A Note from Your North Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron Landers
North Assistant District Directors

Hoping everyone are out riding and enjoying the hobby we so much love. This brings the subject of this month’s article, PARTICIAPTION. This will be Phase three. Participation is a two-part evolution involving the Chapter Team and the Participant or member.
First the Chapter Director or his/her team must prepare a plan, we call a calendar of events for the month. The number of activities will vary from Chapter to Chapter and will be briefly discussed here. The second part of the plan involves the participant or you the member of the Chapter.

Planning should begin far enough in advance to have a calendar of events published and distributed no later than the first of the new month. What type of events do we as CD’s plan for? Hopefully the participants of the Chapter are making their wants known, which in most cases we as CD’s may hear two or three ideas, the rest is up to us, the CD to plan for allowing room for the participant to have an excuse for not participating in the event.

There are four types of events; 1 – The Chapter Gathering/Meeting which remains pretty much constant, same place, same time. 2 – Supper Events, these should be scheduled (should you choose to have) so that all the participants have a choice as some like BBQ, some like buffet’s, some like Chinese, etc. 3 – Ride Events, as with supper events, we want to plan for a variety of rides. Some may like to ride to eat and the scenic view the ride offers, some may like to visit museums, lunch rides via the scenic route, etc. 4 – Chapter/District events, these events should always be scheduled as this is what our organization concept was based on, the camaraderie of our members. There may be times we have a Chapter/District event that arises without notice. Should this happen, we as CD’s/Ride Coordinators should adjust our schedule to accommodate/support these events as much as possible. The events we need to cancel will be there next week or next month and can be rescheduled.

How many events do we plan? Plan as many as you want, the more events you present, the more participation you will have. Some may not want to ride on a particular ride or attend a particular supper event, but if offered a choice on a later ride/supper event they will attend. We want to provide/schedule a variety of rides/supper events as much as possible.

The second part of participation comes down to the Chapter participant/member. Once the calendar is published you should be able to see which events your personal schedule will allow you to participate with and plan to attend. Without participation with the events scheduled, there will be less opportunities for rides/supper events due to lack of participation. Common complaints heard are: Too cold, too hot, looks like rain, not a place I want to ride to, etc. Should any of the above be the cause for your lack of participation, voice it to your Chapter Team. Summer months when it is too hot, events can be adjusted to earlier in the day or later in the afternoon (the cooler part of the day) and during winter months the opposite. We all have rain gear should we begin a ride on a questionable day and it should rain. Bottom line, without your participation there is no value in scheduling events! A lot of work and thought go into our schedules.

What about at our rallies when a new person attends. Do we have someone explaining the registration process, the seminars possibly being offered, poker runs, etc. Or do we just abandon them letting them guess their way through the rally? What about the evening shows; talent, costume, etc. Do we explain the different competitions we enjoy; Mascot, Scrapbook, Team Challenge, Chapter Shirt, etc.
The above is something we should all be thinking about to ensure that our new participants have a feeling of belonging to our Chapter and our Organization.

This goes back to last month’s article, if we don’t retain our new members, our Chapter’s will diminish along with GWRRA. We have too many one year members, the above may be a contributing factor. The purpose of this article is to stimulate thought and provide an opinion as to why our membership is continually declining.

See you down the road. Keep the rubber to the ground, the sunny side up and Always ENJOY the Ride!!

Ron Landers, NADD
Assistant District Director
North Alabama

A Note from Your District Educators

Rider Education/Motorist Awareness
Carl & Jan Breeding
Motorist Awareness Coordinators/District Educators, AL District GWRRA

Well we have a great month coming up! May second is Jan’s sixtieth anniversary of her birth.  Then on 18 May we have the Alabama Rally in Mobile; two great events in the same month.  We will be offering the Medic First Aid (MFA) class, Advanced Rider Class (ARC) and Trike Rider Class (TRC) at the rally, so hopefully everyone will have a chance to take a course they need for the Levels Program.  I must give a shout-out to David Knapp for helping us by locating a suitable facility for the riding courses. Last fall we had classes in Russellville, Lincoln, and Dothan, so I would also like to also express my appreciation to Chapters D, S, and U; both their Educators and Directors.
We offer these courses as often as we can find the ranges and facilities and as often as the demand will support, but I must say that it helps tremendously when a Chapter Educator or Director helps us out.  It also helps when the members sign up to take the course, it is hard to convince an instructor to spend their money on travel and hotel rooms if the members won’t show up in numbers that make it worth their time.  I have spent weekends where it cost considerable personal expense, to have only one participant show up for the training.  That is very disheartening, so I want to make sure I thank all of you who sign up and show to make our efforts meaningful. The $25 per bike fee is to pay operating expenses such as chalk, and equipment for the instructor’s use, not to reimburse instructor expenses, we pay our registration the same as the students do. 

The next event I would like to discuss is Motorist Awareness Day. This year it will be on 3 June, instead of May like it is traditionally, because of scheduling difficulties.  The things I would like to emphasize are: keep track of how many folks your chapters talk to, give me the totals (PLEASE do NOT keep lists of names), material should be available, but not pressed on people, our chapter donates ice water to hand out as a conversation starter, be courteous to all, do NOT Solicit or accept money (this would get us banned from the Welcome Centers).  Have fun talking to folks, if you have a couple of Goldwings displayed, they make great conversation starters.  Go for a chapter meal in conjunction with your shift, I believe we all enjoy food. Turn in chapter totals of folks talked to so I can include them in my report to National. 

Ride safely, ride often, call a friend.

Carl Breeding
Alabama District Educator

A Note from our Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Kenneth & Veronica Campbell
Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

I hope everyone is getting ready for the Rally in Mobile. There should be a good time to be had for all. With the theme being old sitcoms there should be some good talent shows and costumes. Remember we need COY baskets. I hope some of you have also put together a diorama. 
I am going to need help from my chapter ME’s Friday and Saturday, CD’s if you’re MEC cannot be there please have someone to fill in for them for a couple of hours. You can choose your own times to fit in with your schedule. Come by the MEC table Thursday or Friday morning to choose your time to sit in. There will be a time sheet there to put your name on your time.

There will be a MEC round table meeting Saturday at 11:30 To 12:15 or so, please try to attend if you have questions or suggestions CDs and ACDs are welcome to sit in.

I am late with this again been really busy.

Ride safe hope to see you all in Mobile.

Kenneth & Veronica Campbell
(YOYO and Veronica)
Alabama District MECs

Recipe of the Month

Fruit & Nut Salad

• 4 medium firm bananas, sliced
• 1 medium green apple, chopped
• 1 medium red apple, chopped
• ½ cup miniature marshmallows
• ½ cup dried cranberries
• 1 carton (8 oz.) frozen whipped topping, thawed
• ½ cup dry roasted peanuts, coarsely chopped, divided

In a large bowl, gently stir the bananas, apples, marshmallows, cranberries, and whipped topping.  Fold in ¼ cup peanuts.  Refrigerate until serving. Sprinkle with the remaining peanuts just before serving.

Scheduled Events for the Month

May 2017

1, Mon - Motorcycle Awareness Month

2, Tue - Happy Birthday Jan Breeding

4, Thu - Dinner - Taziki's in Madison -- 6:30pm - 105 Brookridge Drive, Suite A Madison, AL 35758 (Located in the shopping center between Target and the Madison Hospital, on the South side of US 72.)

5, Fri - GWRRA - South Carolina District Rally (Thru Sunday)

6, Sat - Ride - Picnic at Wheeler State Park -- 9am - Athens Shell (Bring your lunch with you.)

10, Wed - Happy Birthday Lynne Chadwick

11, Thu - Athens Eagle Wings Gathering -- 2nd Thursday of the month 6:15pm to eat/7pm to meet IHOP, 16211 Athens-Limestone Boulevard Athens, AL (Blue Chapter Shirts)

13, Sat - Ride - Nett's Restaurant in TN - (4356 Skelley Rd, Santa Fe, TN 38482) -- 9am - Athens Shell - Meet Jim and Wanda at Exit 46, I65, Love's Truck Stop

14, Sun - Mother's Day

18, Thu - Alabama District Convention (thru Saturday) (Asbury Hotel, Mobile)

- Dinner - Village Pizza -- 6:30pm - 222 W Market St W, Athens, AL 35611 (on the Square in Athens)

20, Sat - Ride - Old Delina Country Store and Deli, TN -- 10am - Ardmore Shell Station,  26804 Main St, Ardmore, AL 35739 (next to McDonald's) (Old Delina Country Store and Deli, 4397 John Barnes Rd, Cornersville, TN 37047)

24, Wed - Happy Anniversary Carl and Jan Breeding

25, Thu - Dinner -  Mangia Italian Restaurant -- 6:30pm - 2007 Hughes Road, Madison, AL 35758 (Near Publix)

- Happy Birthday Phyllis Leonard

27, Sat - Ride - Call a Friend Ride

29, Mon - Memorial Holiday

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