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July 2017 

Chapter Director's corner


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

Thanks to all who participated in the Motorist Awareness Day at the Alabama Welcome center.  Through your efforts, we contacted 546 people with our chapter, a total at that Welcome Center of 1,539 and 5,157 across the state! I am proud of your efforts, and very grateful for your support.

This past weekend I attended the Georgia Rally in Brunswick, GA; it was a good thing it was almost all indoors, it rained every day but Saturday.  They had several vendors, classes, costume contest and talent shows for the entertainment of the attendees. As always, it was good to catch up with friends I don’t have the opportunity to see as often as I would like.  Floyd and Audrey attended also, but the size of the crowd was disappointing because of the weather.

We have a variety of upcoming events, I encourage everyone to scan the calendar for those that interest you and come join us.  The primary reason for us joining the organization is to have a group to ride with, but the incentive behind it is that it is more fun to participate as part of a group instead of as a loner.  Come out, get involved, help us all have a better experience through your participation. Everyone has different tastes and preferences, but everyone also has the opportunity to help decide what the group does, so if you don’t see anything on the calendar that interests you, it is probably your own fault. Come help plan at the next Ride Planning Meeting.

Ride often, ride safe, call a friend, have fun.

Carl & Jan Breeding

News from Our District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, we hope you have had a very enjoyable month of riding and fellowship with other members of this great organization. There were plenty of good riding days and we hope you had the opportunity to get out and enjoy all there is to do.

Saturday June 3rd was our annual MAD day. Each chapter manned an assigned visitor center around the state. We traveled up I-59 and spent the day with Chapter N. It was a great day to ride and to spend with the chapter and to say hello to all the travelers who stopped by the rest area. Judging from what we heard from around the district there were lots of contacts made with the motoring public as they were ask to “watch out for motorcycles”. A big “THANK YOU” to everyone who took time out of their weekend to participate in this important event.
After our shift was over we traveled back to Boaz and attended Chapter N’s gathering that evening. The room was full and filled with lots of laughter and good times. Also that evening, Chapter N’s  Chapter Directors John and Charlotte Nairmore stepped down from their position. We wish to thank John and Charlotte for all of their hard work and dedication to the members of Chapter N. We wish them the best as they go forward from here. Stepping up to take their place are Terry and Barbie Cleveland. Terry and Barbie have been around GWRRA for quite a while and are former Chapter Directors for Chapter N. We thank them for taking on this important position again.

On Saturday June 10th we traveled to Tuscaloosa for Chapter J’s poker run and brunch. Roy and Diane Beall along with the entire chapter team and chapter members certainly did a wonderful job in providing a fun and very enjoyable time for all who attended. We had 6 chapters represented that day including our own Alabama District Couple of the Year, Bill and Vicki Cater. We would like to thank all who attended and helped make this gathering a great event.

Saturday June 17th found us headed for Omaha, Georgia to attend Chapter M’s annual picnic. Chapter M always puts out quite a spread for everyone and this year was no exception. There were 6 chapters represented there also. Lots of good food (some really great desserts) along with fun and laughter. There were a couple of new Goldwing trikes on display for all to see. Congratulations to David and Linda Snyder, the Chapter M team and all the chapter M members who made this a very enjoyable day.

As this is written we are preparing for our trip to Dalton, Ga for the Georgia District Rally. The Dalton civic center is a great location and we are looking forward to a wonderful weekend (report to follow next month).

That’s all we have for this month. As you can see there always lots to see and do around the Alabama District so keep an eye on the district calendar and come on out and join us and have some fun. Please keep all of our men and women in uniform and all of our first responders and their families in your thoughts and prayers. See you out on the road,

Frank and Linda

A Note from Our North Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron Landers
North Assistant District Directors

As stated last month, this month’s topic will be the dissemination of information or “communications”, Newsletters. I hope you could get out and enjoy some rides and especially the rallies this past month and your memorial weekend was good, with remembrance of those who sacrificed all to allow us, you and me to enjoy the freedoms we so enjoy. My last hope is that you could participate with our annual MAD Day. It was a beautiful day (at least where I was at on I-20 at the Georgia state line.) If we managed through our effort to save one life, it was worth our time.

There are several ways to communicate, our primary method will be through the Chapter Newsletter and emails. This is the simplest and most efficient method for our participants to receive information concerning what is happening in our Chapter, District, Region and GWRRA. What should be put in the Newsletter is left to the discretion of the Chapter Director and Newsletter Editor. As such I will not attempt to state what should or should not be published, but will provide an opinion of what the minimum should be.

At a minimum, the date and location of your next monthly gathering, an article from the Chapter Director and the Chapter Educator and the District Directors comments (may be synopsized). Last, the most important item, the Chapter calendar of events. This is normally the page each member in the Chapter will refer to. Can we put more in our Newsletter’s, of course, we want our Newsletters to be fun and pleasing to read, but the most important aspect is to inform our members what has and is about to occur in the chapter. “The FUN enjoyed last month and the FUN to be had this month through participation”.

None of this information is useful if we fail to distribute it to the member.
Communication! Per our officer hand book, we are to ensure each member of our Chapter has access to or receives a copy of the Chapter Newsletter. This can be accomplished or completed in many ways. Post it on our web site with an email that the Newsletter is posted. You do have a Web Site? Attach it to an email (in .pdf format) and send it to the member and attach the hyper link to your web site in your comments. Mail it to the member or hand carry it to the member (if he/she is unable to access it or make one of our events.) Post it on Face Book as being posted with a hyper link to the Chapter web site. Always have a few copies available at the monthly gathering for distribution or in your bike as a handout to a prospective member you may meet at the service station/restaurant. Refer to the Officer Handbook, Chapter D, pg. 8 for complete information for articles/distribution.

Regardless of the method(s) of distribution, it is important that each member of the chapter has access. Not only does the Newsletter need to be distributed to the Chapter members, but should be distributed to each Chapter Director in the District and the District Director. Why? Chapter Directors will utilize it in conjunction with the district visitation program at a minimum.

This brings us back to the calendar of events. When we plan our events, and put them on the calendar, put down the location of your destination. Not all individuals who read the calendar know where Charlie’s BBQ is! Maybe some in the Chapter as well. Remember, the Newsletter is not only read by Chapter members, but whoever may browse our web sites!

Distribution of the calendar does not stop here. As a re-enforcer or reminder, we may want to send an email to each member 48 hours prior to the event. We tend to forget in our younger years (being facetious) some of us fail to look at the calendar on a weekly or daily basis. Again, use all means possible as with the distribution of the Newsletter, email, phone call, Face Book, etc. Face Book is a great tool but remember, some in the Chapter will not have Face Book. We want as many as possible to know of our events.
As you can see, Newsletters and Emails are our primary method of communication of not only Chapter news, but District, Region and National news. Some Chapters still utilize the phone tree method for notifications, this is the best method, but with today’s technology most prefer email.

Use all methods described above in conjunction with one another. Some in our community will not read their emails, but will look at Face Book. Some are not members of Face Book and will rely on email, and some don’t have access to either. One thing certain, we cannot have participation if the word does not get distributed. Communication is our only hope.

Keep the rubber to the ground, the sunny side up and ALWAYS ENJOY the Ride!!


A Note from Our District Educators

Rider Education/Motorist Awareness
Carl & Jan Breeding
Motorist Awareness Coordinators/District Educators, AL District GWRRA

I would like to thank all who participated in the Alabama Motorist Awareness Day! Together we made 5,157 contacts with the potential of saving many lives.  You did a great job.

We have several things coming up that I would encourage you to participate in.  The first one I wish to mention is a Medic First Aid course that Robert and Gail Brown have scheduled at Chapter U in Dothan. On August 5th Chapter U will be having an 8 hour MFA class. This is for those that have not ever taken a First Aid class or it has been a long time since they attended. There are some openings so it is open to the first come first served for these spaces.
The class will be in Troy Alabama and will begin promptly at 8am.
The cost is $25.00 per person
The attendees must be in the levels program.
Please contact Robert Brown if you wish to attend.

In October, we plan to present a ARC and TRC in the central area of the state, and another in November in Russellville.  The classes will cost $25 per bike or trike to help defray the costs of supplies used in presenting the courses, and can be sent to me once the dates are firm.

The hot summer months are just too rough on both the students and instructors.  Of course, there are also numerous offerings at Wing Ding in Grapevine, TX, so make sure your riding skills are up to date by attending one of these. I know, Texas is as hot as Alabama, but I feel obligated to support the program by teaching there even in the heat.

Jan and I were among those who recently completed the new Instructor Training and Certification Program; James Clayson of Chapter U, Danny Baker of Chapter T, Gail Brown of Chapter Y, Jim Jackson of Chapter M (and Region Director), Randy Mink and Stella Pettus of Chapter S were in the class also.  Hopefully this training will enhance the quality of our presentations to you the members.

I was in Dalton this past weekend for the Georgia Rally, so I am still drying out.  I hope you all have an enjoyable Summer.

Ride safely, ride often, call a friend.

Carl Breeding

A Note from Our Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Kenneth & Veronica Campbell
Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Well, here we are and the year is half gone. How have you participated this year compared to this time last year? I bet not as much. Why?

I can tell you one thing Recruiting is down and expired members are way up compared to this time last year. MEC's and or CD’s should be contacting some of these expiring members and asking why. Then, maybe, we will know where to concentrate on retention of members.

I thought this new visitation program would work better than what it has proved so far. I know for a fact some of you have visited other chapters, but have not sent a MapQuest or score sheet in. Send them all in no matter how small the score is. Two people, two bikes, 10 miles is still a visitation and a score, send it to me.

CD’s Web Page Calendars and News Letter Calendars are very important. If no one knows what or where you’re doing, no one can meet and visit.

I think it is a good program and will help get chapters visiting each other, but it takes cooperation from all chapters to put their stuff out for others to see.

I am late again as usual LOL

Thanks for all that you do and hope to see a lot of you in Dalton GA.

Kenneth & Veronica Campbell
(YOYO and Veronica)

A Note from Our Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron and Corky Alexander
Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

For those of you who don’t know, Max and Kathy Tanner have stepped down as the
SAADD reps (Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors) Corky and I have stepped up (again).  They had the position for at least 5 years and did a spectacular job.  I only hope that Corky and I can do as well. 

We officially took over at the District rally back in May.  Since then we have visited three Chapters and are looking forward to many more.   

Corky and I are going to the Georgia Rally in Dalton tomorrow, Wednesday, 21 June, and are looking to having a great time despite the rain forecast!  Corky has that NEW 2016 trike now and is hoping to get some BLING for it there!  So far, she really likes it. 

It has come to my attention that we are making a few mistakes with the new Rider Visitation Program form.  When filling it out, you should multiply the number of riders (x) the number of miles traveled from your normal Chapter Gathering point.  Then, multiply the number of bikes in that ride by 5’s to the total miles obtained by the riders.  So, if there are two riders and only one bike for 100 miles, the total points are 2 (x) 100 = 200 miles.  Since there was only one bike x 5 = 5, then total bikes/trikes is 200 + 5 = the grand total of 205, Simple, huh?  This Program is good for ANY Chapter function listed on the visited Chapter calendar.  Cars are not counted in this effort.

Our job as SAADD is to assist the Southern Chapter Directors with their Chapter and any other related needs.  So please, if you think that I can help you with anything, give me a call or email, and we’ll see what happens, K? 
C 1-334-406-4171  H 1-334-858-7734      rca lex* fair poin t:net .  Or just get in touch with us for the heck of it; we are looking forward to your calls. 

Until the next time, have a great riding time this coming Month and be SAFE. 

Ron and Corky Alexander

A Note from Our Alabama Chapter H Rider Educator

Jan Breeding
Chapter Educator, Alabama Chapter H

Is it hot enough for you?

Well summer has arrived in Northern Alabama.  Time to shed those heavy layers of riding gear in favor of lighter gear.  Time to break out the mesh jackets, gloves and pants, cooling vests, and cooling wraps. Wearing lightweight and light colored, loose fitting clothing under your riding gear.
Riding in the heat requires some preparation and planning.  It is best to ride in the cooler mornings, and later in the afternoon.  During the heat of the day, is not the best time to be out in the sunshine. 

Some things to keep in mind in the heat:

Heat kills by pushing the human body beyond its limits.  When the body gains heat faster than it can get rid of it, serious and potentially fatal heat illnesses may occur.

The heat index is an index that combines air temperature and relative humidity in an attempt to determine the human-perceived equivalent temperature – how hot it feels.

We need to keep the heat/humidity in mind when we are out of rides.  Long rides are fun in the spring and fall, but can be deadly in the heat of summer. 

At the Chapter Gathering in June we talked about what you need in your safety kit for the summer.  Things to keep on hand are: suntan lotion, bug repellant, sunburn creams and ointments, extra water, cooling vests, cooling neck wraps, hats, carry an ice chest with ice and drinks, an umbrella (for shade) and I am sure you can come up with a few items on your own.

Learn the difference between heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

What signs and symptoms might you notice if your body is too hot?

  •      First, you may notice that you are tired and less mentally alert.  This increases the danger of accidents.
  •      You may sweat.  The body produces sweat so the evaporation will cool you off.  Sweating isn’t as effective if the air is very humid, because not as much sweat evaporates
  •      You can get heat rash when your sweat glands swell and plug up

Preparing for a day in the heat

  •    Know the signs/symptoms of heat illness
  •   Wear lightweight, light colored, loose fitting clothes
  •   Stock up on the correct fluids (plain/flavored water, sports drinks) before riding

      o Eliminate drinking any liquid that contains alcohol, caffeine or large amounts of sugar.  These beverages can actually make your body lose water more quickly.
      o Drink more fluids regardless of your activity level
      o Drink often and BEFORE you are thirsty
      o Avoid very cold drinks that may cause stomach cramps
  •   Watch what you eat as it will affect your exhaustion levels
  •   Block out direct sun and other heat sources. 
  •   Monitor your physical condition along with those around you; use a buddy system
  •   Always remember – water, rest, and shade

When out on our summer rides, some things to keep in mind:

  •   Hydrate – Drink plenty of water to avoid becoming dehydrated
  •   Educate yourself.  Know the warning signs of heat illness and how you can stay cool.
  •   Keep up with the latest temperature and heat index forecasts
  •   Act quickly when heat illness is suspected.  Seek medical attention immediately for any of these warning signs: cramping, rapid pulse, heavy sweating, hot red skin, dizziness, confusion, nausea, and vomiting.
  •   Take it easy.  Avoid overexertion between the hours of 11AM and 6PM if working outdoors.
  •   Take hourly breaks

Our goal is for everyone to enjoy the summertime riding experience. 

Stay safe, stay hydrated and stay cool.

Jan Breeding

Recipe of the Month

Everything Pie

Cook 2 regular pie crust and cool

8oz. cream cheese (soften)
8oz. cool whip
1 can sweeten condensed milk

7oz. coconut
1 ½ cup pecans
½ stick butter

Brown in oven on 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes or until brown; stir several times until brown.

Microwave 1 jar Carmel topping until just warm.

  1. One layer of cool whip mixture.
  2. Sprinkle coconut mixture on top
  3. Drizzle with Carmel

Then repeat; keep refrigerated.

Scheduled Events for the Month

July 2017

1, Sat - Ride - Visit AL - Chapter S Gathering -- 6:30am - leave I-65 Athens Shell (Too Fat Sister's Kitchen -  1606 US HWY 72, Tuscumbia, AL 35674) Eat 8:00am / Meet 9:00am

6, Thu - Dinner - Joe's World Famous Pizzeria -- 6:30pm - 1260 US Highway 72 E, Suite G, Athens, AL 35611

8, Sat - Ride - Picnic - Cullman or Guntersville State Park ??? -- 10am - I-65 Athens Shell

9, Sun - Happy Birthday Floyd McQueen

13, Thu - Athens Eagle Wings Gathering -- 2nd Thursday of the month 6:15pm to eat/7pm to meet IHOP, 16211 Athens-Limestone Boulevard Athens, AL

15, Sat - Ride - Chapter-T Fun Day -- 8am - I-65 Athens Shell ((Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church - 1335 Hueytown Rd, Hueytown AL 35023)) (10 am - 2 pm -- Admission: $12.00 per person, includes lunch plate, 50/25/25 Drawing and Door Prizes.)

17, Mon - Happy Anniversary Mark and Emma Hargrove

20, Thu - Dinner-J&W Steak House -- 7pm, 45 Marco Dr, Priceville, AL

21, Fri - Ride - 3rd Friday in Downtown Decatur -- 4pm - I-65 Athens Shell (3rd Friday in Downtown Decatur is a large-scale block party featuring live music, arts and crafts, local food, kids activities, special attractions, and many in-store events. The event is from 5:00 -- 9:00 pm and admission is free. The stores on 2nd Avenue are open for late shopping with store specials and entertainment.)
Join us and show off your bike/trike. If you can't make that time frame, just come on as you can. Streets will close at 4:30, but you can still get in after that. Just let them know at the barricades and they will let you in.

22, Sat - Ride - Crooked Creek Civil War Museum -- 8am - I-65 Athens Shell (516 County Road 1127, Vinemont, AL 35179)

- Ride - AL-Chapter U Christmas in July -- 10AM to 2PM (Ed Linsenby Lake - 861 Myrtle Drive, Ozark, AL 36360)
All Chapters are welcome.  Bring a covered dish and dirty Santa gift. 
(wrap anything you are tired of looking at).  More info:  334-237-0466

27, Thu - Dinner - Mia 's Cafe -- 6:30pm - 30694 US Hwy 72, Unit B, Madison, AL 35757 (County Line Road)

28, Fri - Happy Birthday Sue Chapman

29, Sat - Ride - Miller's Grocery - A Country Cafe -- 10am - I-65 Athens Shell (7011 Main St, Christiana, TN 37037)

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