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September 2017 

Chapter Director's corner


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

Wing Ding bound! By the time this goes up we will have made it to Grapevine, Texas, the site of the 39th Wing Ding.  We always look forward to visiting with the vendors and re-connecting with friends from around the world.  It is hard to explain the excitement we feel when headed to a motorcycle event in a location where the riding is not something to write about; suffice it to say it is about the people.

In past years, we looked forward to the new sights and adventures we were going to experience during the journey, this year it is the event and the people we look forward to.  I am sure we will be able to find some good steaks while there, but I expect the real feast will be the camaraderie. We love the friends we have made through this association, and that is a very large part of the love we have for the organization.  Why else would I go to a motorcycling event in a city where there isn’t a mountain anywhere around?

Many of the vendors have become familiar to us from past rallies, and we always try to patronize them so they can afford to continue to serve our needs, and because they too have earned the title of “Friends” from the slogan “Friends for Fun, Safety, and Knowledge”.  When possible, I try to make my purchases at rallies so the vendor sees where the business comes from, I will even pass up a cheaper price so the business goes to the ones who support us.  If we don’t give them business, they can’t continue to support us.

When you go to the rallies, I encourage you to talk to folks, you already have a couple of things in common, they are just friends you don’t know yet. I very seldom meet anyone about whom I can’t find something to like.  Look for the folks wearing the “I’m New” buttons, strike up a conversation, let them know you, they may very well end up being a new close friend.  We run into folks we have had as students, or with whom we have had classes at every rally we attend, so if you don’t have anything else interesting to do, look at the classes and seminars being offered and consider taking one, or more.

Don’t stand around waiting for someone to hand you an armload of fun, reach out and grasp it for yourself.  Take responsibility for your own enjoyment.  If you ride, you have already accepted the responsibility for your own safety

Ride often, ride safe, call a friend, have fun.

Carl & Jan Breeding

News from Our District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, at this writing we are preparing for our trip to Wing Ding in Grapevine Texas. We are looking forward to this trip and we hope all of you are as well. We are planning to get in some extra sightseeing while we are out. We hope many of you can attend and support Alabama’s and Region A’s COY, Robert and Gail Brown as they participate in the International selection process. The selection will occur on Tuesday Aug 29th and we hope to have a BIG group from Alabama and Region A there to cheer them on. Wednesday is Alabama’s day to work the Registration and Day Pass table. If you are planning to be there on Wednesday and can spare a couple of hours please come by and join us for a good time. You will get to meet members from all over the world and perhaps make some new friends. As a thank you for helping you will receive a volunteer pin and a ticket to the BIG ice cream social. We hope to see you there.

As most of you know by now there is a restructure going on in GWRRA that will take effect on Jan 1st, 2018. Other than what you were sent by home office there are few other details to share at this time. As we are given more information we will pass everything along to you. As we stated in a previous email, this change will not affect 95% of all the members in GWRRA. Please remember that the District Team is here for you and will continue to be there in the future. Please let us know if you have any concerns about anything going on in GWRRA and we will do our best to help.

The only other rally going on in our area is WOTS in North Carolina in late September. We are planning to attend and ride the mountains for a weekend and we hope to see many of you there. October will be a very busy month for us and we will discuss those events in next month’s newsletter.

In closing, please remember all of our men and women in uniform that serve our great country as well as all of our first responders and all of their families. Say thanks to all of these folks every time you have a chance.

We hope to see each of you out on the road,
Frank and Linda

A Note from Our North Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron Landers
North Assistant District Directors

Hopefully everyone is getting out and enjoying the summer riding season between the rain drops! It seems that if it isn’t the rain, the temperature is too hot.  Then there are those who state, “I didn’t join to ride to visit chapters” or “I don’t like being around an individual in the group.” Disregarding the above mentioned excuses, we have had some great weather to enjoy some riding and the comradery our gatherings provide.
Let’s talk about excuses and why we joined GWRRA. Hopefully we all joined for the same reason, the opportunity to explore unfamiliar or recent places (our rides) and the comradery of others with similar interest.

The excuses; as for the weather, we have no control over mother nature and must take what she presents, we prepare by having and carrying the appropriate gear for whatever she may present. Yes, there are occasions I wish I had not made the ride because of weather, but that is part of riding and when it was said and done, it was enjoyable in its own way and provided some interesting conversations later.
As suggested with some of the above statements, it makes me question “why” did some of us join GWRRA. Did we join for the reading of Wing World magazine, the benefits that GWRRA offer, or ?????, may be to just have what I call “a garage bike”? I see this all the time with horses in the pastures. I call them pasture ornaments as they are there for looks only.

There is no better enjoyment (for me) than sitting at a table conversing while having a bite to eat or participating with the diverse groups in the parking lot, sharing jokes and having an enjoyable conversation. This time of togetherness allows us as individuals to forget our troubles, relax, and though not intentionally, mentally prepare for the ride we are about to begin. During the ride at our stops for refuel and refreshments we again gather around allowing us the time to relieve the stresses endured during the ride, releasing tension and again, unintentionally mentally preparing ourselves to continue with the ride. Something I am unable to do when riding solo, as my mind will be on my destination, not the ride. Refuel and on the road again!

Riding to different Chapter events provide us as GWRRA members the opportunity to interact with different members. By visiting different Chapters, we as individuals can now develop friends outside our Chapter who may share the same interest we have, which may or may not be shared by the members of our home Chapter.
Another issue sometimes heard for not riding is, “I don’t like or don’t care to be around” an individual. This is not a statement I easily understand, with the diversity of our groups. There is always an individual or two which a conversation can be shared where I don’t have to be with or around the individual in question. I’ll admit, there are those I’m not comfortable with as well, but let’s face reality, most of the time, our time is spent riding, not socializing.

Isn’t the above our primary reason for joining GWRRA, “For the Ride” with the added benefit of comradery and safety! Myself, I enjoy being around everyone. Sometimes, it provides a better understanding of an individual, developing a friendship that would not have happened if it wasn’t for the group ride. This could be due to perceived impressions or misunderstanding of conversations conducted in the past.
With the above, we are living our motto “Fun, Safety and Knowledge.” I hope this promotes some thought and if you have not been participating in Chapter events that you will consider getting out and enjoying Chapter life, to have FUN and ENJOY the Ride with the added benefit of gaining some Friends! Without participating, you will be missing the purpose of GWRRA.

Keep the rubber to the ground, the sunny side up and Always ENJOY the Ride!!


A Note from Our District Educators

Rider Education/Motorist Awareness
Carl & Jan Breeding
Motorist Awareness Coordinators/District Educators, AL District GWRRA

School’s in, perhaps now it will cool down. As I write this I am only partly packed for my Wing Ding trip, and dreading the Texas heat. Soon we will be preparing for cold weather, but in the meantime, there is the opportunity for some beautiful riding and exploring. My plea is that before each ride you take the time to think about the preparations you have made and the ride you have planned. Evaluate the dangers involved and think of strategies to avoid disaster.

With school back in session, there is increased traffic on the roads and school zones to worry about. Soon the leaves will be changing colors, this will also increase vehicle traffic. Once the leaves start falling, they will add another element of danger by reducing your traction and possibly even masking road hazards.

Have you checked your vehicle carefully lately? Many assume everything is fine, since you just used it, but have you picked up a nail in a tire? Are your tires getting slick, or have belts showing? Do you have fluid leaks? Have you checked the air pressure in your tires and checked the oil and coolant lately? Things go wrong, and a good bike or trike check before riding is a good form of insurance to make sure you catch problems before they become disasters.

Jan and I are teaching a trike course in Grapevine, and when we get back we hope to be able to offer additional courses within the state.  If you have access to a suitable facility, I would appreciate your assistance in getting them set up.  If you need Medic First Aid, I am sure Robert and Gail could also use help coordinating for classroom facilities for those.

Keeping the members safe is a team effort. It involves training, sure, but it also involves all of the members planning and preparing.  Under the new structure, Anita has suggested that a desirable qualification for the Ride Coordinator is that they be a Road Captain. I agree with this, I also think it should be someone who takes safety seriously.  Being the Chapter Ride Coordinator does not mean you should come up with all of the rides, nor plan them all. There are others in your chapter who have ideas of fun activities and great rides. 
The role of the Chapter Ride Coordinator is to coordinate, bring the group together, discuss possibilities, and document the plan.  Let’s all work together and try to keep our friends safe and enjoying themselves.

Ride safely, ride often, call a friend.

Carl & Jan Breeding

A Note from Our Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron and Corky Alexander
Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

The month of August has been extremely sad for both the Alabama District and the World, as we have lost three much cherished people.  Rufus “Jay-Bird” Lawhorne of Chapter G, Kenneth “Yo-Yo” Campbell of Chapter D and Jerry Lewis the comedian and actor.  Both Jay-Bird and Yo-Yo have been a positive influence on GWRRA for many years and through their support have helped to improve the  Alabama District Gold Wing World.  These men will never be replaced in our society and will be terribly missed.  Our hearts and prayers go out to Veronica and Yvonne in their time of need with a personal request that if there is ANYTHING they feel we can do for them, PLEASE allow us the privilege to help.   


Other news for Corky and I is that we have been very successful in visiting all the Chapters in the SAADD area, except Chapter A.  We promise that the first Gathering after we return from Wing Ding and a visit to California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, etc. we’ll be right there!!  We usually take two and a half months, but only one and half this time! 

Chapter F for the month August had 16 members present.  We had a great time and a good 50/50!!  They have the greatest Gathering place I have seen yet.  A gathering room with plenty of  space, air conditioning, good service and peace and quiet.  Oh, and the chow is great too!  Thanks Sid and Virginia for a fun time as usual.

Chapter M is coming along quite well with Dave and Linda at the helm.  They had an over nighter the weekend of 21 and 22 August.  From what I have gathered they had 16 members take part in it.  Congrats Chap M.

Chapter G is seeing more members showing up for rides, even though it is quite hot this time of year.  Like all Chapters, we are waiting for the real good riding months to come along.  We’ll have to schedule more Country music/eat rides in the future!  Good BBQ, good music by Jim Hubbard and fun things to do.  If any chapter is looking for a place to visit with Chapter G, or on your own, may I suggest De Funiak Spring Fl.  Wine tasting/tour (18 kinds for free), BBQ, Country Music, Florida’s Highest Point, and one of only two perfectly round lakes in the world.  The other one located in Switzerland.  All just 30 minutes from our home.  It may turn out to be an over nighter for some of ya, so I would be happy to assist any one in the logistics and planning, if ya like.  It’s right off of I-10, so there are plenty places to stay and eat.

Chapter U has improved 100% in these past few years under the tutelage of Bruce and Eileen Williamson.  His staff increases by one position almost every month.  And what a staff it is.  Completely versatile and willing to make “IT” happen.  All Chapters should be so gifted.  Wonderful Job Chap U. 

Keep the rubber on the road, it works best that way!

Ron and Corky Alexander

Recipe of the Month

Honey Walnut Cream Cheese Spread

8 oz. Cream Cheese
2 Tablespoon honey
2 Tablespoon brown sugar
1 ½ teaspoon vanilla
Dash of cinnamon
3 Tablespoon walnuts

Combine cream cheese, honey, brown sugar, vanilla and cinnamon with mixer until fluffy.
Stir in nuts and refrigerate.

Scheduled Events for the Month

September 2017

2, Sat - Ride - Call a Friend Ride

7, Thu - Dinner - Buffalo Wild Wings Grill and Bar -- 6:30pm (22099 US Highway 72, Athens, AL 35613)  (Teal shirts)

9, Sat - Ride - Leiper's Fork -- 9am - I-65 Athens Shell (4151 Old Hillsboro Rd, Franklin,  TN  37064 )(Red shirts)

10, Sun - Ride for Kids

14, Thu - Athens Eagle Wings Gathering -- 2nd Thursday of the month 6:15pm to eat/7pm to meet IHOP, 16211 Athens-Limestone Boulevard Athens, AL (Blue shirts)

16, Sat - Ride - Rainbow Falls / Dismals Canyon -- 9am - I-65 Athens Shell ((Dismals Canyon - 901 Hwy 8,  Phil Campbell, AL 35581) (Red shirts)
Dismals Canyon, is located in northwest Alabama, about 12 miles south of Russellville, Alabama off US-43/AL-17 between Russellville and Hamilton on Hwy 8.

17, Sun - Ride Meeting - Carl & Jan Breeding Home -- 3pm

20, Wed - Happy Anniversary Floyd and Audrey McQueen

21, Thu - Dinner - Downtown Dawgs -- 7pm - 119 Moulton St E, Decatur, AL  35601  (Gold shirts)

22, Fri - Happy Anniversary Kurt and Lynne Chadwick

23, Sat - Ride - Crow Mountain Orchard -- 8am - Madison Cracker Barrel Shell (Crow Mountain Orchard - 6236 County Road 39, Fackler, AL  35746) (Red shirts)

28, Thu - GWRRA - NC District Rally (Thru Saturday)

29, Fri - Happy Birthday Mike Chapman

30, Sat - Ride - The Rusty Spur Diner -- 10am - I-65 Athens Shell (601 N 1st St, Pulaski, TN 38478) (Teal shirts)

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