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December 2017 

Chapter Director's corner


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

Veteran's Day has become the American way of thanking all the men and women who fought to make and keep us free.  Thank you to Floyd, for setting up chapter H’s participation in Huntsville’s parade. We had nine bikes representing us with eleven members and one dog. The Huntsville parade is second in size to Birmingham, but it still had a LOT of participants. The number I heard was 169 groups represented.

The Chapter H Christmas party will be at 6PM, 14 December at the Athens IHOP. Wear any Christmas themed shirt you want.  We ask those participating to bring a gift for the Dirty Santa exchange (please limit yourself to $20.00).  The dinner will be paid for from the chapter treasury.  We will also being doing a cookie exchange again.  Please bring 3 to 4 dozen cookies to share.  Bring some of your cookies, and go home with some of the cookies others have made.  Santa will probably join in the festivities.  Be nice and perhaps you will get something besides coal in your stockings.

The Christmas Party is also where we announce the 2018 Couple of the Year.  We need you to help celebrate and honor this deserving couple.  All previous Chapter H couples are asked to wear their medallions.  We want to get a big group picture.

The New Year’s Eve ride will be to the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Hartselle. Leave Athens Shell at 1PM (Red Shirts).  The New Year’s Day ride to Wentzel’s in Guntersville. Meet 9:30AM, I-65 Shell, Athens (Blue shirts).  There is a room reserved for the Goldwing group.  Seating will begin at 11AM.  I strongly encourage participation in both events, but attend what you can.

Let’s all be thinking of activities we can take part in during the period where the weather isn’t very cooperative, we don’t want to sit idle during the winter.  Let’s explore new ways of having fun and fellowshipping with the chapter.  Bring your ideas to the next ride planning meeting and we can all enjoy new ways to spend time together.

Ride often, ride safe, call a friend, have fun.

Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors

News from Your District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, as this is being written we are less than a week from Thanksgiving. We would like to wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a very enjoyable, long weekend.

As the fall riding season is upon us and will not last very long, we hope you will get the chance to get out and enjoy mother nature and all of her beauty. Fall is our favorite time to ride and enjoy all the beauty she shows us this time of year. Please remember to layer for your ride as the temps can change drastically during the day. Please get out and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

With Thanksgiving gone we hope everyone is looking forward to the Christmas season. We hope you will enjoy all of the fun and excitement of family and friends during this wonderful holiday season. Most chapters are having Christmas parties during December and while you are enjoying being with all your chapter participants don’t forget this is the time of year to be naming a new Couple of the Year for 2018. We STRONGLY encourage every chapter to have a Couple of the Year. Please remember, they don’t have to do anything other than represent your chapter, no other requirements with this honor. Please remember also that we will continue to honor an Individual of the Year for the Alabama District going forward. If you have a person that fits the criteria for this honor please name them as well. As before, nothing is required of them beyond the chapter level. There are always couples who have gone above and beyond for your chapter and what better way to honor them than naming them your COY. Many chapters also have that individual who goes above and beyond as well so don’t forget to honor them as well.

Please remember to keep all of our military, first responders and their families in our thoughts and prayers during this holiday season. They serve and protect us each and every day. Please say thanks to them when you get the opportunity. Please remember the families of GWRRA members that we have lost this year and keep them in your prayers as well.

We hope to see all of you out on the road,

Frank and Linda Teasley

A Note from Our North Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron Landers
North Assistant District Directors

Hopefully each of you participated with the Veteran’s Day parade(s) whether with your local communities or should you have participated in the largest - the Birmingham Parade. What better way to show your support and appreciation of our local Veteran’s. Along with the parades, it is hoped you enjoyed Thanksgiving with family and friends.  Both the Veteran’s Day parade and Thanksgiving mark the beginning of our Holiday Season and concludes our rallies until next year, not to mention for most, the riding season.

This being the start of the holidays, hopefully you have taken the opportunity to get out and enjoy some of the great riding weather. The temperatures have been great, not too hot or too cold. The leaves were spectacular with their varied colors and made for some great scenery.

Now is the time to reflect on 2017 events, both Chapter and Rallies. Were we able to fulfill our goals set out at the beginning of the year? It is hoped we all fulfilled most if not all our goals we envisioned for the year of 2017.
Now is the time to relax and enjoy the season with family and friends without the stress of upcoming events and what events we are going to participate with. Relax and enjoy the season!!

It is hoped each of you enjoy great health and have a wonderful Christmas with all your wishes fulfilled and you ring in the New Year with enthusiasm and the spirit of having FUN. MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! 

Looking forward to seeing you down the road, Keep the rubber to the ground, the sunny side up and Always ENJOY the Ride!!


A Note from Our Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

Ron and Corky Alexander
Southern Alabama Assistant District Directors

Today, just a few days before Turkey Day and the coldest day of the year, thus far, and I’m writing December’s Newsletter.  Things happen fast around here, huh?  I spent the whole day in my wood shop trying to get some projects finished and tossing my mistakes into the furnace!! 

As we get closer to the END of Region A, more and more questions are presenting themselves.  Of course we have no answers for them but they keep coming.  Our District Team Members are gonna meet soon to try and work out a plan.  The District Officers meeting will be: Jan 20th in Gardendale, AL.  Hopefully we’ll have some answers for you afterwards. 

The Get Well List seems to be getting larger then smaller.  The Holidays are no time to be getting sick.  I can’t name all the Members here because sure as heck I’ll leave someone off and upset them so, all of you Get Well soon. 

How ‘bout a little humor here?    Two Harley riders were talking and one ask “how can you tell if a Gold Wing rider is having an affair“?  The other says “I don’t know”.  The helmets don’t match!

Corky and I wish all of you out there a Happy, (and SAFE ) Thanksgiving Day and may all of you get what you want for Christmas.

Ron and Corky Alexander

A Note from Your District Educators

Rider Education/Motorist Awareness
Carl & Jan Breeding
Motorist Awareness Coordinators/District Educators, AL District GWRRA

We had a lot of chapters across the state turn out for Veteran’s Day Parades. Thank you for your support, and don’t forget to include this in your Motorist Awareness and Rider Education Reports.  These reports are still due until the end of December.  We will see what materializes to take their place, and we will pass that along as soon as we are informed.

With the colder weather, perhaps it is a good time to start thinking about scheduling training that you would rather not spend good riding weather doing.  We know we would rather do classroom stuff when the weather is cold and rainy instead of on nice, dry, warm days. We have instructors who can provide the training, but we need interested participants to attend training, and facilities where we can provide it.

If your chapter needs a First Aid/ CPR course, don’t hesitate to let Robert and Gail Brown know, or notify us and we will pass it on.  Here again, the chapter’s assistance in locating a suitable facility is a necessity. The instructors have the knowledge, and are willing to share it, but we don’t have our own facilities, so we need your help in keeping the programs going

We are still in need of ranges where we can conduct Advanced Rider Courses (ARCs) and Trike Rider Courses (TRCs).  If you have areas in your chapter area that we can get permission to use. Please give us a point of contact that we can contact to see if they are suitable for our use. We would very much like to be able to present the courses in addition to the ones we have been able to do at the rallies.

We hope to be able to present riding courses again this year at the District Rally, but that is not a cure-all. Even if every member attended the rally, we can’t teach that many classes in the amount of time available. The cooler months are a great time to get some training done, so help us make it available to the membership. Plan for an enjoyable ride, but prepare for problems and they will be minimized. 

We would like to wish each of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We hope to see many of you at the New Year’s Day lunch at Wentzell’s in Guntersville, AL.

Ride safely, ride often, call a friend.

Carl & Jan Breeding
Alabama District Educators

A Note from our Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Danny Baker
Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinator

Hello fellow Wingers!  Well the Region A Rally was not a disappointment.  It was truly one of the very best rallies I’ve been able to attend in my 31 years as a member of GWRRA.  Hats off to Jim, Sue, and all the Region Team for a job well done.  Thanks to all who attended for the wonderful memories.

And I would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to celebrate Veterans Day, and all who took part in your local Veterans Day Parades around the state.  I had a great time riding in the Birmingham parade along with members from AL-N, AL-T, & AL-Y. Thanks of all your support for such a great cause.  And a very special “Thank YOU” to all our VETERANS, First Responders, and their families for their sacrifice and service, “Thank You” again and may God Bless you all!

By the time this is published Thanksgiving will have come and gone.  I just want to say Thank You to all of my GWRRA Family for such a wonderful 2017, I and truly thankful for all of you. 

The Christmas Season is upon us and I would like to take time to wish all a “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. 

Don’t forget it’s time also to be selecting Couple of the Year and Individual of the Year for your chapters. 

Safe Riding and Keep those Wheels Vertical!!!


Recipe of the Month

Lemon Buddies

9 cups Rice Chex
2 cups white vanilla baking chips
¼ cup butter or margarine
4 teaspoons grated lemon peel
2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice
2 cups powdered sugar

Mix baking chips, butter, lemon peel and lemon juice
Microwave for 60 seconds
Microwave for 30 seconds more
Stir until smooth
Pour over Rice Chex, stir until covered
Place mixture in large plastic bag
Add 2 cups powdered sugar
Shake to coat Rice Chex
Lay out on baking pans to cool

Scheduled Events for the Month

December 2017

2, Sat - Ride - Galaxy of Lights at Huntsville Botanical Gardens. -- 4:30pm - Huntsville Marriott at the Space & Rocket Center parking lot, 5 Tranquility Base, Huntsville, Alabama 35805 (Huntsville Botanical Gardens, 4747 Bob Wallace Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35805) (Red shirts) Dinner afterward.

7, Thu - Dinner - Mildred's Restaurant -- 6:30pm - 27926 Main St, Ardmore, AL 35739 (Green shirts)

9, Sat - Ride - Dickens of a Christmas Festival in Franklin TN -- 9am - I-65 Athens Shell (Red shirts)

14, Thu - Athens Eagle Wings Christmas Gathering -- 6:00pm - IHOP, 16211 Athens-Limestone Boulevard Athens, AL
Cookie exchange, Dirty Santa - $20 gift limit (Christmas shirts)

- Happy Birthday Emma Hargrove

31, Sun - Ride - Cracker Barrel -- 1pm - I-65 Athens Shell (1909 Uncle Hershel Way SE, Hartselle, AL 35640) (red shirts)

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