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June 2015 

Chapter Director's corner 


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

What a month it has been! We had the Motorist Awareness Day on the 9th, and the District Rally the 14th through the 16th, Memorial Day Weekend to get things done around the house, then AL-T's Fun Day on the 30th. I can tell you that it somehow has flown by.
May 9th was our annual Motorist Awareness Day, we manned the Welcome Center for the afternoon shift this year along with members of Chapter S, relieving Chapter B at the Rocket on the southbound side of I-65 south of the Tennessee line. We gave out about 15 cases of water to the travelers, and talked to 2485 travelers total between the three chapters. Anything we can do to encourage the motoring public to "Watch out for Motorcycles!" will increase the chapter members and our friend's chances to travel the highways more safely.  Apparently the majority of the traffic was headed to and from the beaches, not much of a surprise considering the beautiful weather. Our thanks to all who participated! Across the state we contacted 7127 travelers.
At the District Rally, the Chapter H diorama won 1st place, we got a second in the costume contest, and a third in our comedy skit for "Disco Duck". Thanks to Floyd McQueen and also Brenda Perkinson of the Tennessee District for their participation. There were eight Chapter H members at the rally which is an improvement over many of the past years, thank you. There were some really funny skits presented on Friday night. The rally didn't have as many vendors as normal, but we still managed to spend enough to make it a profitable weekend for most of them.
One of the things I am injecting into the schedule for June is another offering of Medic First Aid on the 7th, 2PM, at our house. The address is 15015 Lancelot Circle in Harvest. This is in the "Seven Pines" subdivision off East Limestone Road. There are folks in the chapter who need this class to remain current in the Levels program, and everyone should want to know some basic first aid.
Jan and I were selected as the Alabama Couple of the Year for 2015-2016 at the District Rally in Eufaula. This will mean we need to visit other District rallies, I am planning to attend the Georgia rally this month (18-20 in Dillard, GA), and anyone who would like to accompany me is quite welcome. We consider it quite an honor to be chosen to represent the district in promoting GWRRA and will try our best to uphold the honor. In October we will be competing for Region Couple of the Year, we hope we have your continued support in this endeavor.

Carl & Jan
email: ceb reed ing* att: net

A Note from Your Ride Educators

Steve & Shirley Kremer
Chapter "H" Ride Educators

Preventative Maintenance, The Cost of Motorcycle Safety

Yea we all know how beautifully sculpted the Goldwing motorcycle is. But they're often accompanied by issues that can lead to serious problems or injuries if not serviced prior to a ride. The scheduled plan is easy; it involves just doing the normal services like oil changes and tune-ups. The unscheduled maintenance is the bugger though. This involves inspecting and noticing things that don't "feel" right when we're riding or even catching that leak on the forks or tires. One step further can even be someone else noticing a problem before you do.
Motorcyclists could easily prevent many of the problems encountered. That's the unvarnished message I got from the local motorcycle mechanics, and from the Internet and articles that discussed common problems seen in their shops. Here are a few tips on how to prevent unnecessary expense and downtime and reduce the injury risk to yourself. Stay on top of maintenance. What makes mechanics shake their heads are the regular and offensive examples of neglected maintenance: brake pads worn down to the metal, drive belts and air filters with holes from rocks worn in them, and long-overdue oil changes.
Preventive maintenance is definitely the key to motorcycle longevity and keeping your maintenance cost down. In addition to engine oil, that includes changing brake fluid, which can absorb moisture; lubing drives; aligning wheels, steering heads, and cleaning or changing air filters (AND greasing bearings (Carl)). Keep your tires properly inflated. Each mechanic mentioned low tire pressure as a consistent problem. When tires are underinflated, handling gets really hard, steering gets hard, and the bike doesn't want to lean. It causes all kinds of problems, so, check the tires' pressure weekly. Check the brakes. Motorcycle brake pads cost as little as $50, but once they've worn too far, you'll need to replace the rotors and everything else, and the bill jumps up enormously. When the [brake pads] get down to metal-on-metal, they make an unholy grinding noise. And yet people just continue to ride them, DUH.
Inspect your bike regularly. Really check your bike over before any long trip. A lot of maintenance is simple stuff that you can easily see: lights, forks, and belts or tires. Make sure you have no leaks. I can never understand why "Everybody wants their bike to look amazing, but they tend to really lose the safety aspect.
Store the bike properly. Motorcycle storage is a big issue. "It's the guys who let their bikes sit for weeks and months at a time that run into problems with failures. My advice: Use fuel stabilizer to keep filters, pumps, carburetors, and fuel injectors from clogging. Lift the tires off the ground to prevent cracking and flat spots. Put a tender, or trickle charger, on the battery to keep it charged. And if you can, store your bike in a garage or under a cover out of the wind. We all know that maintaining a motorcycle, as with any vehicle, can be expensive and time consuming (preventing us from riding). I was always told that it comes with the territory. If we're not mechanically savvy, we definitely need to be pro-active in servicing and maintaining our bikes, trikes, and roller skates on a scheduled and unscheduled plan.

Be Safe and Ride Smart.
Steve and Shirley Kremer

A Note from Your District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, with this, our first newsletter article as your District Directors, we want to thank some very special people. We have known Robert and Gail Brown for several years now and count them as very dear friends. We want to give them our warmest thanks for all that they have done for the Alabama District and for us. They have provided wonderful leadership to the Alabama District for the past three years, and for this we are very thankful and we hope that when you see them you will thank them also. They have also given us something that is sometimes very hard to find, true friendship, and we want to thank them for that also. As we go forward we have committed ourselves to live up to the standards that they have set.
Your new District staff has been set and for those of you who were not at closing ceremonies in Eufaula, please check the District web site for details. All of the names you will see there are committed, as we are, to serving you, the members of the Alabama District. If there is anything we can do to help you or your chapter, please let us know and we will try our very best to do so. Phone numbers and email addresses are also listed in the heading.
We have just completed a very successful District rally and for those of you that missed it, we had a terrific time. Good food, good friends, and good times. We had a really great dinner on Thursday evening followed by a great costume contest. On Friday, we had lots of seminars, games, vendors to visit, and just an overall great day. That evening we had ice cream for all followed by another great "talent" show. Everyone we talked to really enjoyed the show. On Saturday we had more seminars (which were very well attended during the entire rally) along with a guided ride to the National Infantry Museum in Columbus, Ga. led by Mr. Jim Jackson. From all the folks we talked to everyone enjoyed the ride, the museum tour, and the car show that was going on in the parking lot.
We will be back in Eufaula next year on May 19, 20, and 21. Please mark these dates on your calendar, it will be here before you know it. Our next big event is the Georgia Rally coming up on June 18, 19, and 20. Georgia always puts on a great rally and they are back in Dillard again this year. As everyone knows, the Dillard area has some of the best riding in north Georgia. If you haven't made plans already, come on and join us for a good time.
Remember to keep our men and women in uniform, our veterans, our first responders, medical personal and their families in our thoughts and prayers. They serve us daily and allow us to enjoy all of the day to day things we often take for granted. We hope to see all of you out on the road.

Frank and Linda Teasley

District Rider Educators/ Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Carl & Jan Breeding

I can't say enough good things about the members of the Alabama District! Thanks to your efforts, we recorded 7127 contacts with the public traveling through our home state. I have to give the credit for this to the members who gave so abundantly of their time and energy to put on the annual Motorist Awareness Day for Alabama. These efforts have been recognized beyond the borders of our state, and received accolades from Region and National level. Thank you for supporting this effort.
It seems Summer is just getting started, but it is not too early to start thinking about the Rider Education Weekend which we normally hold in October at the Honda Plant in Lincoln. Tentatively I would like to offer Advanced Rider Course (ARC), Trike Rider Course (TRC), First Aid/CPR , Co-Rider Seminar, and other courses which the members can request.
We are tentatively planning this for the first weekend in October (3&4 October), but that is subject to change because of workload at the factory and their accommodation of our event.
If any of the members know of a suitable area elsewhere in the state, please nominate them to me so I can check them out and expand the opportunities to provide you the classes needed to keep you safe.
Range Size Requirements:
ARC: Range size must be 206' x 310' (62.7m x 94.5m) and includes a 40 ft. (12m) run-off zone on the perimeter, contain no obstructions, islands light poles, potholes or be in general disrepair.
TRC: Range size must be 160' x 240'and have a 40 ft. (12m) run-off zone on the perimeter, contain no obstructions, islands, light poles, potholes or be in general disrepair, except as allowed by approved range modification guidelines. In both cases we need to have a means of excluding vehicle traffic from transiting the area where ranges are located. We would also need an area where we can conduct the classroom portion that can hold 12 students and the instructors for a period of four hours. I really need your assistance in finding additional prospective ranges so we can offer the riding classes in more locations and at less of a burden for overnight travel for the members. If you locate the area and a point of contact that is authorized and willing to talk let me know, I am more than willing to travel to validate locations.

Carl & Jan
email: ceb reed ing* att: net

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