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April 2015 

Chapter Director's corner 


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

Seems like spring is finally getting here, and not a moment too soon to suit me. The flowers and trees are starting to bloom and motorcycles are popping out all over. We have had a pretty good month in spite of all of the rain, even managed to visit a couple of chapters and take part in a "Fun Day" at Chapter Y. I admit that winning a $250.00 cooler made it even more fun, but just getting to get together with friends I haven't seen for a couple of months makes it enjoyable. I really appreciate Floyd and Audrey for accompanying us on these trips.
We also got to visit a previously un-discovered Honda dealer in Chattanooga, they built the road so they got to name it, WAIT for it, "Goldwing Way", of course the mailing address is Highway 58, but it sure grabs your attention if you are reading the street names. Of course, I had to have one of the street signs.
We have been having good turn-outs for our dinners and events, I really appreciate all of you that take the time to come visit. I hope it gets even better as the opportunity to ride improves. I realize we all have lives outside of GWRRA, and family definitely comes first in everything, but don't lose sight of the fact that you are missed when you don't visit.
We are going to try and have a Medic First Aid class and a Co-rider Seminar in the near future, let us know if you are interested in participating.
If you don't like the places we are choosing to go for rides or meals, the only one you can blame is yourself. Come to the Ride Planning Meetings and help set an itinerary. I definitely don't know where all of the good food is or all of the great riding terrain in this area.
Come and join in the fun, the activities are a lot better when you know the other folks.

Carl and Jan Breeding
email: ceb reed ing* att: net

A Note from Your Ride Educators

Steve & Shirley Kremer
Chapter "H" Ride Educators

Have a Plan When You Ride and Ride with a Plan

A few years ago a fellow motorcycle riding instructor offered me one of the best riding tips I’ve ever been given, a golden nugget I share with others at every opportunity. Being a motorcycle instructor, I pride myself on my ability to critically coach others to better their riding; yet somehow this was a simple tidbit that had eluded me. I have been riding legally on the road year-round for about 17 years now (I’m not that old, really…) yet it has been the last few years that my riding has improved the most. This tip is the catalyst for my greatest improvements.
The story goes something like this… I was out learning a Basic Rider Course when my friend Bruce showed up. He had just gotten back from attending a well-known out-of-state track school. With all the enthusiasm he could muster (which unlike me is always calm and controlled) he began to share his newfound treasure. He told me "Steve… I learned the greatest thing" with an impatient response I asked him to share all. He told me, "I learned I should always ride with a plan." I paused for a moment trying to figure out what the big deal was. I told him "I do ride with a plan… I plan on riding over to Decatur for breakfast tomorrow and then I’m headed east… that’s my plan." He gave me that look telling me I just missed the point. "NO" he said… before you head out for a ride you should always plan to work on a specific skill." WOW! How simple I thought, what a great idea, all I have to do is pick one thing to focus on during each ride! Since that time, I have shared this little tidbit with other riders, knowing that without incentive most of them would not practice their newfound riding skills until they went back to take an Advanced or PLP course. This is the one piece of advice that can help you hone your skills during every ride.
It works like this: each time you mount up to go for a ride, you should pick one specific item to focus on. This can be something like eye placement (keep them high searching for traffic or entry points for cornering), or maybe try for the perfect line through a corner. If you don’t feel like focusing on your physical abilities try picking a mental skill such as playing the "what if" game… "what if that car pulls out in front of me, do I have a plan?"… "what if this corner has a stalled car on the other side, what if I get a flat?" Most riders understand the value in taking a motorcycle class or reading a book to improve skills but if those skills aren’t practiced on a regular basis they will not be there when you really need them.
Homer Simpson once said something like "boy, in unfamiliar times you go with what you know." Ride safe… ride with a plan. You have to be disciplined to do this and gain the most from it. Remember ONE item at a time, isolate your skills and hone each one individually.
Hope to see you at our next Chapter Meeting and remember "Safety is for Life".

Steve & Shirley Kremer

Rider’s Information

It is a great time to take an inventory of your personal training records in Rider Education as well as other programs to reflect on what you have already attended and what is coming due for recertification. In Rider Ed, we have provided a way for any Member to log in and check on your Level status and training history. You don’t have to be a Rider Educator or Officer to use this handy tool. The process is described below:
Go to the GWRRA website at
Use your mouse to hover over “Programs” and you will see a drop down menu that includes Rider Education. Click on Rider Education to go to the Rider Ed main page.
There you will see a group of blue buttons that include “My R.E. Information”. Click on that one to bring up the login screen. The screen will look like this:

LOGIN box, enter your Username and Password if you know it. It is the same one you would use for signing into the message board. If you need help or don’t know what your username and password are, there is a link “I need help logging in” to click on. Follow the instructions given to obtain your login information, then return to the login page and log in.
Once you log in successfully, family Members will have a screen similar to:
Other types of Members will have a screen that may vary slightly.
Click on “View” to go to your Level and Training History information.

District News

Frank and Linda Teasley
Central Assistant District Director

Greetings fellow riders, SPRING is officially here!! We all certainly hope that winter is behind us. The past couple of days have given rise to hope that riding season is finally upon us. At this writing the Florida Rally is going on. We hope everyone who is attending is enjoying some warm weather and having a great time. With riding season upon us please remember to TCLOK your rides and your trailers as well. If you have not ridden much lately this is really something you need to do. You might also consider doing a TCLOK on yourself and make sure you are ready for the riding season also.

The end of March brings one last event for the month, the 1st annual mall bike show at the Grand River Outlet Mall in Leeds, Al. Everyone is invited whether you bring a bike/trike or not. This will be a great opportunity to spend the day with friends and your Goldwing Family and maybe even get in a little shopping to boot. We hope to see all of you there. April brings on a couple of opportunities to get together. The first is April 11th when the 40 to Phoenix ride comes through Birmingham. The group will spend part of the day at the Barber Motorsports Museum in Leeds and then that evening they will join all who wish to attend at the Irondale Café in Leeds for a great evening of good food and fellowship. The café is normally closed on Sat evening but are opening up just for us. We will have the entire place to ourselves so make plans to come out and join us. The 25th of April is Chapter G’s annual Funday. Doyce and Diane and the rest of Chapter G always have a really good Funday with plenty of good food and fun for all. We hope you and your chapter is planning to attend.

Coming up in May is the Alabama District Rally in Eufaula. We have some really good things planned for you this year and we hope everyone will attend. The lodge is almost sold out and with a big fishing tournament in town the same weekend, rooms away from the lodge will be hard to find. Please make your reservations now so you won’t be left out. Remember the Alabama Rally is the first stop on the way to getting the Alabama Trifecta Pin for 2015. You must attend, Alabama, Region A and WingDing to qualify to get one of these very unique pins. Don’t miss out.

In closing, please remember all of our men and women in uniform and their families and all of our first responders and their families. They serve and protect us each and every day. We hope to see all of you soon.

Frank and Linda Teasley

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