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May 2015 

Chapter Director's corner 


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

It's Rally time!  Some of the Districts have already had theirs, and Alabama will be having their 2015 District Rally 14-16 May at the Lakepoint Lodge at the Lakepoint State Park in Eufaula, Alabama.  Jan and I will be participating in the District Couple of the Year selection, there will be seminars, skits, vendors, and costume contests.  I realize it is a long trip and time is precious, but we always have fun when we attend these events.

May 9th is our annual Motorist Awareness Day, we will be manning the Welcome Center for the afternoon shift this year, relieving Chapter B at the Rocket on the southbound side of I-65 south of the Tennessee line.  We will have an assortment of brochures and bumper stickers to pass out to any who want them, and ice water to welcome them, anything we can do to encourage the motoring public to "Watch out for Motorcycles!"

We have had a couple of dry days to ride this month, hopefully there will be more during May.  Those who went down to visit the "40 to Phoenix" group had a good day, I know Jan enjoyed the challenge of keeping her speed up so she didn't hold up the pack on the speedway.  The Blooming Festival didn't go quite as well, after waiting for over half an hour to get a bus from the designated parking area to the festival, we decided to get back on the bikes and just go for a ride.

If you don't enjoy the selection of activities the chapter offers, I have a challenge for you: Bring your ideas and share them at our next "Ride Planning Meeting." The next one is scheduled for 31 May at Sue Chapman's house at 3PM.

I hope the month of May is drier than our April, I am quite ready for some good riding weather and for new adventures with the chapter.  Ride safe, ride often.

Carl and Jan Breeding

A Note from Your Ride Educators

Steve & Shirley Kremer
Chapter "H" Ride Educators

Safety is an Attitude

May is a great time to take advantage of great weather and more opportunity to ride and to be a safer rider. Hopefully, the things learned on a ride will reduce your risk on the road so we can all enjoy the company of our friends and continue to ride. It’s not without saying that we all have busy schedules, with work; honey do lists, and so on, and with great weather lately,  there’s plenty of folks already out riding just about every day.
Well, if your one of those that have already been riding, or plan to do so, soon, then be sure to set some time aside to chat with other riders on how to be more conscious about safety. Sometimes even talking with motorists about their perspective on motorcycles can shed new light on being a safer rider. Well, you could even plan a day to clean the bike, which 90 percent of the times you’ll find things that need fixing.  There’s never a day that goes by when I don’t learn something and walk away with a perspective that could change the outcome of a future situation. I’ve actually sat through some GW classes that didn’t seem to be loads of fun but they were informative, and I never went away hungry. The overall experience was, if anything, a lesson learned in being more patient and having a more positive attitude. Why does it seem that I’m more tolerable but having less of the patience these days? Understanding that many people seem to think “ they’ve learned it all” can make one believe that we’ve already had enough information overload ( with the Internet and all) or just don’t believe there can be much of a desire to sit through another lesson. It’s so easy to rationalize believing there’s something else we could be doing, and there might be, but where’s our sense of adventure, especially when it’s with folks that want to enjoy the same experiences as you?
A great strength of any Rider Education program has always been the people, their talents and commitment. Nothing brings this closer to my mind than the thumbs up responses I continue to get whenever we ride in public and are able to be a positive influence to motorists. Our desire to be educated about safe riding is exemplified when we put it into practice with the right attitude. It also means that we want to continue to enjoy the next ride.
Please take time to browse through the Internet and find links to valuable motorcycle safety sites that could just change your perspective..
Hope to see you at our next Chapter Meeting and remember to be visible.
Safety is Lifesaving

Steve & Shirley Kremer

Rider’s Information

It is a great time to take an inventory of your personal training records in Rider Education as well as other programs to reflect on what you have already attended and what is coming due for recertification. In Rider Ed, we have provided a way for any Member to log in and check on your Level status and training history. You don’t have to be a Rider Educator or Officer to use this handy tool. The process is described below:
Go to the GWRRA website at
Use your mouse to hover over “Programs” and you will see a drop down menu that includes Rider Education. Click on Rider Education to go to the Rider Ed main page.
There you will see a group of blue buttons that include “My R.E. Information”. Click on that one to bring up the login screen. The screen will look like this:

LOGIN box, enter your Username and Password if you know it. It is the same one you would use for signing into the message board. If you need help or don’t know what your username and password are, there is a link “I need help logging in” to click on. Follow the instructions given to obtain your login information, then return to the login page and log in.
Once you log in successfully, family Members will have a screen similar to:
Other types of Members will have a screen that may vary slightly.
Click on “View” to go to your Level and Training History information.

A Note from Your District Directors

Robert & Gail Brown
Alabama District Directors

If the old saying about April showers bringing May flowers is true, then there should be plenty of plants flowering. I, for one, have just about had enough rain to last for a while.

May is just around the corner and so is the Alabama District Rally. We have been planning and working to hopefully provide everyone with a good time. Eufaula is a great place to go, and it seems to just provide a relaxing atmosphere when you get there. That is the key word - RELAX. There will be dinner on Thursday night, seminars on Friday and Saturday, a riding Poker Run, Talent Show and an escorted ride to the National Infantry Museum.  All of the events and times will be posted; so take advantage of anything that you might like.

As most of you know, Gail and I will be stepping down at closing ceremonies. We want everyone to know how much we have enjoyed being your District Directors. Alabama GWRRA is blessed with so many wonderful members, and this is truly a great organization. Frank and Linda Teasley will be taking the reins, and we know that you will support them the same way you have supported us. The change will take place at Closing Ceremonies on Saturday evening. We are still going to be active as both the Alabama and Region A MFA Coordinators. Thanks again for all you have done, and we Love each and every one of you.

Robert & Gail Brown

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