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July 2015 

Chapter Director's corner


Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

Several of the chapter participants have expressed a concern that we will be gone at the end of this year.  We would like to tell you “We are having more fun with this job, and this chapter than we ever expected.  We are not going to be giving up this job in the near future.  We have talked to the District Director, and he has no objections to our continuing in both roles.” There is a world of difference when other members are willing to help with the many jobs it takes to make the chapter run, Thank You for what you do to make the chapter better.

Now that that concern has been laid to rest, back to my normal line of thought.  I was at the Georgia Convention (Rally) last weekend and saw a lot of friends from around the region.  It was hot, and all activities were outdoors this year; next year they will have a Convention Center April 21-23 in Dalton, Georgia. ALL activities will be in air-conditioned comfort.

There are several rides and dinners coming up in July, if you do not see a ride you like, come to the next planning meeting and bring up ones you would like to go on.  I am sure that by now you are aware that I like to ride, and if I don’t have other obligations, I will go anywhere I can with the group.

I am grateful that some folks have rejoined the chapter as participants; I wish more would, but I realize that sometimes life gets in the way. I hope to see all of you at IHOP in Athens on 9 July, if not before, for the Chapter Gathering.

email: ceb reed ing* att: net

A Note from Your Ride Educators

Steve & Shirley Kremer
Chapter "H" Ride Educators

Getting Familiar with New Terrain

So you have a new bike and want to get familiar with it or have been riding awhile and just want to learn about riding on some new terrain? To get to know the weight and balance of a bike there's nothing like a little easy off-road riding.
Find some bumpy off-road surfaces to ride over or find a ride with Tony when he hits the rocky trails. Are there any gravel patches you can play in - all at the slowest speeds, of course? Don't try anything spectacular like trying to put the kickstand up on your trike. Even just riding over a grassed area makes the bike move around a bit below you and gives you the feel of the weight and balance of the bike. That's what you need to learn - how the bike feels as it moves around beneath you.
Another useful "Get to know your bike on new terrain" thing is to take the bike out on an empty car parking lot, without any light poles around, and try slow speed work. Turn figure eights tighter than you think you can - get a friend to place markers to ride around (and then sadistically keeping moving them closer together).
The basic secret is to get to know your bike at slow speed on different surfaces, since that is where you have to make the heaviest yet most accurate inputs. At slow speed the bike is also less stable, so you have to help the bike stay upright with your control in-puts. At higher speeds, the bike will keep itself stable to a large degree. So it's slow, tight work that will get you feeling happier on the bike. Oh, and practice braking - again at a parking lot (but stay away from painted lines!) and on wet surfaces.
Finally, if there are any hills or steep slopes in your neighborhood, try some starts on a slope. This gives you the feel both of the clutch and the torque of the engine. Just a small amount of time spent working on these fundamentals can be a big help in the long run.
Overall, you just want to build more confidence, lessen the fear, and know your capabilities in different situations. The more you ride, the greater chances you’ll encounter these situations.
Hope to see you at our next Chapter Meeting and remember "Safety is for Life".

Steve & Shirley Kremer

A Note from Your District Educators

Carl & Jan Breeding
Alabama Rider Educators Motorist Awareness Coordinators

GWRRA Levels program
Let's review the levels program.

Level I is Safety by Commitment.  It is simply a commitment on your part to ride safely. This may not sound like much, but if you take this commitment seriously, you will find yourself thinking about safety more often, and that will lead to safer riding habits. But how do you know how to ride safely? That's what your Rider Educators are for! Ask us questions, and suggest topics for seminars for the chapter that are of interest to you. Attending seminars at the GWRRA rallies is another excellent source of safety information.  You must complete a GWRRA form N-7 for this level.

Level II is Safety by Education, and you can qualify for this level by taking a rider education course, such as a Basic Riding Course (BRC), the Experienced Rider Course (ERC), or the Trike Rider's Course (TRC). Carl & Jan are qualified Rider Coaches for the TRC, and there are several convenient instructors for the ARC.  Think about taking the classes at Wing Ding, you may even make a new friend. For co-riders, you simply need to take a GWRRA co-rider seminar or a two-up rider course. We encourage everyone to take one of these courses if you have not had one recently. These courses not only help sharpen our riding skills, they also remind us of important safety tips we may have forgotten. Requirements: Rider - a Certified Rider Course with 5,000 safe miles. Co-Rider - certified Co-rider Seminar or 2-up Rider Course. You must complete a GWRRA form N-7 for this level.

Level III is Safety by Preparedness. This level requires current qualification in either a First Aid or CPR course or a commitment to carry a First Aid kit in your motorcycle at all times. You Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge might ask, how does this make me a safer rider? It doesn't, but it can help lessen the seriousness of an accident. You could help save someone's life with CPR or reduce the severity of an injury with First Aid. Carl and Jan are also Medic/First Aid instructors. Attendance of a Motorist Awareness Seminar at this level exposes the Member to our program to improve awareness of all road users to the presence of motorcycle, trike, and sidecar enthusiasts. When interfacing with the public in the future, the Level III Rider or Co-Rider can inform them about what we have available to help others share the road with us. GWRRA University Trainers certified in Rider Education are authorized to present Motorist Awareness Seminars. You must complete a GWRRA form N-7 for this level.

Level IV is Safety by Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness. The commitment part is easy: just commit to wearing proper riding apparel at all times while riding! While proper apparel won't prevent an accident, it can definitely reduce the severity of injuries you might suffer. To achieve level IV, you must also have 25,000 safe miles and have current certification in both CPR and First Aid. Among other things, these qualifications serve as an excellent example to your riding companions that you consider safety to be important. Requirement: Current in Level III for one year and have taken both First Aid and CPR training. Have 25,000 Safe Miles as a Rider for Master Tour Rider, or 25,000 miles as a Co-rider for Master Tour Co-rider, and must be committed to riding with "Proper Riding Gear" AT ALL TIMES.  You must also have 10,000 miles as a Level III. You must complete a GWRRA form N-9 for this level.
If you would like to participate in this program, we would be happy to help you get started. If you already participate but would like to move up a level, we'll help you with that too. Let's make 2015 a very safe year for Chapter H! Larry and Julie Bradley have completed the requirements and are now Level III.  Congratulations!  Some members elect to remain Level III because they are unwilling or unable to wear the defined “All of the gear all of the time”. That is perfectly acceptable, especially when it is because of medical reasons.

Carl & Jan
email: ceb reed ing* att: net

News from Your District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, at this writing we are just before the Georgia rally. We are looking forward to another great trip to the mountains and to, what is always, a great rally. If you missed it this year we hope you will make plans to be there next year. We have just come off a really good weekend that included a trip to the countryside near Prattville to the home of Randall and Frankie McGalliard. They were nice enough to open up their home and really great “man cave” to everyone for the second annual Chapter F and Z cookout. We had a great time with good food and lots of fun. If you weren’t there you missed a really good day. Randall had some surprises for everyone near the end of the day that included lots of laughs and some memorable moments. If you were not there be sure and ask someone who was and put this event on your calendar next year. Thanks also to the staff and members of both chapters who helped put on a great event.

After the Georgia rally the next event for Region A is the South Carolina rally in Anderson July 16-18. District Directors Phil and Judy Stone have promised a fun filled weekend so we hope you are making plans to attend.

Wing Ding will be coming up September 3-6. If you are planning to attend (and we hope all of you are) please try to be there on Sept 2nd. The International COY selection is that day and scheduled at 1:30PM. Please try to be there and support our own Dewey and Alice Cole as they attempt to become the next GWRRA International Couple of the Year. The next day, the 3rd, Alabama is scheduled for ticket sales and poker run. If you are there and can spare and hour or two please come by and let us know. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

We hope everyone is out and riding now and enjoying another great riding season. Please participate with your chapter as often as possible and get out and enjoy being with your friends. This is a great family but it won’t be without your participation and support. Please remember all of our men and women in uniform and all of our first responders and their families. They serve and protect us each and every day. Say thanks when you have the opportunity. We hope to see each of you out on the road and at the events listed above.

      Frank and Linda Teasley

A Note from Your North Assistant District Directors

Greg and Renee Dempsey
North Assistant District Directors


Greetings from the Great North - North Alabama, that is.  Well, summer is here and with it the heat. I’m sure that this is not the hottest start of summer on record, but it sure feels like it.  June was a very busy month for us.  Starting on the first Saturday, we made four chapter visits in one day.  This may not sound that hard to do, but keep in mind that the heat, 550 miles of riding, and three large meals add to the difficulty level. 


We started our adventure at 7am by participating in a group ride with Chapter B to Russellville for breakfast with Chapter S and to attend their monthly gathering at Two Fat Sisters (the name of the restaurant, not any of their members).  One thing about Two Fat Sisters (whoever they are), they sure know how to fix breakfast.  The price is right and I can guarantee that you won’t leave hungry.


After enjoying some good fun and fellowship with the members of Chapter S, we headed out to meet up with Chapter D at Top Hat Barbeque in Hayden, AL.  They had a good turnout and not only did we have some great food, but Paul and Brenda provided some unique Rider Education information about stopping too close to railroad tracks.  Take a close look at this picture.  I’m sure it speaks for itself, so I won’t go into any detail about how it happened. 


After a few laughs and some excellent pie, we took the back roads home for a quick pit stop to feed the cat and clean up a little before heading to Guntersville for Chapter N’s gathering.  They hold their monthly gathering at Western Sizzlin and as you may have guessed, we had another large meal.  In addition to some great fun, we got to meet two new couples that had just joined GWRRA.  Chapter N is doing a great job of recruiting new members and growing their Chapter. 
You may be wondering why I’m boring you with the details of what we did on a Saturday.  Well, what I’m hoping is that you see how much fun it can be to visit and participate with other chapters.  Why not get a group together and make plans to visit as many chapters as you can in the next month?  I think you will have a good time seeing old friends and making new ones, and make sure to invite them to your next ride, event, or monthly gathering.  Until next time, Ride Safe.

Greg and Renee Dempsey

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