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October 2015 

Chapter Director's corner

Carl & Jan Breeding
Chapter Directors GWRRA AL-H Athens Eagle Wings

For those who joined us at Wing Ding, THANKS, you really came through especially in the volunteering department! For those who haven’t been with us for a while, Chapter H received the Alabama Traveler “Bamma Santa” at the Chapter B Fun Day, carried it through Wing Ding, and passed him on to Chapter B at a Medic First Aid (MFA) class. While he was with us we tried to ensure his future rides would be safe ones by giving him a Trike and Trailers Course (TTRC) at Wing Ding, then a MFA with Chapter B.  He left us as a Level III Certified Tour Co-rider.  We have to keep Santa safe.

Santa had his picture taken with the GWRRA Founders, Paul Hildebrand, and Shirley Stevens-Garcia, as well as the GWRRA President Anita and JR Alkire.

During September, in addition to Wing Ding and classes, we also found time to visit Crow Mountain Orchard and go on a train ride in Blue Ridge, Georgia.  Fun trips, both of them.  The Rider Education Weekend which was scheduled for 3 and 4 October had to be cancelled, Honda notified us one week out that they could not accommodate us this year.  We will try and make sure we can offer the classes in the spring.

Chapter H now has a chapter banner, thanks to Jerry Rodgers. We unveiled it at the September meeting.  Come join us on the weekly rides and dinners, participation makes it all better.

ceb reed ing* att: net

Crow Mountain Ride

Crow Mountain Orchard is nestled in the rolling hills of Northern Alabama. Located on county road 39 in Fackler.  This was our destination for our ride on the 19th of September 2015.  Larry & Julie Bradley and Carl & Jan Breeding rode over there to buy some fresh apples and cider.
September 19th was also the date of the Trail of Tears motorcycle ride.  The ride started in Bridgeport, Alabama ending in Waterloo, Alabama, with a stop at Rocket City Harley Davidson, in Huntsville.  The group left Bridgeport around 8AM travelling on Highway 72, west bound. Fortunately for us, we were heading on Highway 72, east bound.  We passed the pack of motorcycles in the town of Gurley. Where we waved and took pictures of the big group.
State route 65 takes you away from the traffic of Highway 72, back into the quieter meadows, behind the rolling hills.  Heading north on State route 65 we passed many beautiful fields of corn, beans, and cotton. The weather was wonderful, cool and refreshing in the upper 60’s.  The sun was shining and the blue skies were so clear.  Rain earlier in the week cleared out the pollen and dust from the air.  We followed this twisting ribbon of asphalt to State route 146.  Heading east on 146, we saw more farms. At the intersection of State road 79, we headed north for a short bit, then jumped onto County road 33. Now the road was beginning to get more twisty on it, and we were further back into the woods.  A left turn put us on to County road 39. It got a bit confusing with the sign for Crow Mountain pointing to the left, but telling you to go 700 more yards. The GPS was going crazy, and we finally figured out we needed to turn at the sign, then go another 700 yards to get to the orchard store.
Inside the store there were many varieties of apples to choose from.  Samples were cut up, and you were free to try them all.  We all selected our favorites, and purchased some apple cider too.  We all put our cider in the ice chest, and the apples in the trailer. 
Our ride continued on county road 33, to the east.  The road wandered through the woods and became narrower. There were a few tight switchback turns, and then it emptied out on the meadows. As we rode into Scottsboro, we were stopped by a train on the tracks. When the train had passed we saw a little Bar-b-que place called Holy Smokes and decided to stop for lunch.
Holy Smokes is a small place, but was clean and the prices were reasonable.  Glad to let you know the food was very good too. Must put this in the back of our minds next time we come to Scottsboro. 
After lunch we went to the Unclaimed Baggage store. Julie had never been there.  We stayed about 40 minutes. The outside temperature had gone up, since this morning. It was in high 80’s now. On our way out we saw a group of Goldwings pulling into the parking lot. Turns out they are from TN – A in Nashville, down here for a day ride. We talked with them, and they want to meet with our Chapter for dinner like we had done with TN-Q a few months ago.  We will contact them and set up a date.
On the way home, we made a stop at the Dairy Queen in Madison. No big surprise here. A great way to top off a great day.

Jan and Carl Breeding
Chapter H Directors

Blue Ridge Scenic Railway

Going on a train ride, conjures up images in your mind of steam locomotives, conductors, passenger cars and adventures.
Jerry & Melissa Rodgers, Floyd & Audrey McQueen and Carl & Jan Breeding left Friday afternoon (25 September 2015) heading to Blue Ridge, Georgia, to spend the night. We had tickets to ride the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway on Saturday morning. The weather report for the 2 days called for numerous rain and thunder showers.  It was decided to ride over in Carl’s car, since it could hold 6 people.  At times the rain was coming down so hard, it was hard to see the road, but for the passengers, it was a fun ride over filled with conversations and laughter.
We stopped for dinner in Cleveland Tennessee, at the Bears Den Bar-B-Que.  It was a small mom and pop kind of place.  The food was good, so we will keep this in mind when we come back this way in the future.
We stayed at the Blue Ridge Lodge, which is a Comfort Inn. Very nice hotel nestled on a hillside with great views of the mountains.  Up and early on Saturday morning, we met for breakfast in the hotel.
Our first stop was to Mercier Orchards. An incredible store. It has a bakery, restaurant, apples, cider, gifts galore, jams, jellies and fried pies.  What a great place. We had a group pictures taken out front. We left there with enough time to find the train depot and begin our train ride adventure.
That is just what we had. Our adventure on the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway started at the historic depot, built in 1905, in downtown Blue Ridge, Georgia. This charming mountain village is nestled in the lush Chattahoochee National Forest and is known for its pleasant and unique shopping with friendly folks and an old-time atmosphere.
Our total excursion was 26 miles (4 hours roundtrip) winding along the beautiful Toccoa River (in Georgia but called the Ocoee River in Tennessee) in an open-air rail car.  Adding to the excitement of the ride, was a rail delay caused by a tree down on the train tracks. The train employees quickly dug out their chain saws, and made quick work of the obstruction. 
We arrived in the quaint sister towns of McCaysville, Georgia and Copperhill, Tennessee. 
We had about a 2 hour layover in McCaysville/Copperhill.  We had plenty of time to eat lunch.  We ate lunch at the Copper Grill in Copperhill.  While the men enjoyed after lunch conversation the women took in a few shops.  A Christmas shop and a candle shop. In the Christmas shop the staff followed you around telling you about anything you happened to look at. A bit much for us, but at the candle shop the lady was very friendly and showed us her candles made with lotion in them.  You burn the candle, then dip your finger in the melted wax, and rub that on your skin. It was soothing.
On the way back to the train, we had to stop and get a few funny pictures of Carl and Audrey standing with one foot in Tennessee and one foot in Georgia. There was an ice cream shop right before the entrance to the trains. Of course, it would not be a Goldwing outing without a stop at an ice cream stand. We took our treats and boarded the train for our return journey to Blue Ridge. The Conductors ask that you sit on the opposite side of the train for the return trip, so that you can enjoy the view on both sides of the train. One side of the train offers more views of the river, and the other side offers views of the countryside.
Upon arriving in Blue Ridge, we were overwhelmed by the number of Santa’s walking around town and milling around the station. Not sure if they were advertising for their Christmas train rides.  Each Santa was dressed in a different outfit.  Some had on Hawaiian shirts, others in outfits similar to story books. 
Our train ride over, it was time to head for the car and start the ride home.  It must have looked like a clown car when we got out at rest stops. With Melissa and Jan climbing out from the far back. It was a wonderful weekend, though it seemed the time went by so quickly.  Looking forward to future adventures with our Chapter.

Jan & Carl Breeding
Chapter H Directors

A Note from Your Ride Educators

Steve & Shirley Kremer
Chapter "H" Ride Educators

Motorcycle Safety, Then and Now

In researching some safety articles recently,  I came across an interesting subject written by Noble McIntyre for "The Motorcycle Safety News".  He writes about the various changes that have taken place over the years pertaining to motorcycle safety, especially motorcycle riding gear and safety laws.  He writes: "Motorcycles have always evoked an image of freedom, individuality, and as the case may be, rebellion.  With that freedom, there is also the possibility of injury. 
Motorcycle safety has evolved significantly over the years and the rudimentary helmet and classic leather jacket have been replaced by modern materials".


Interest in developing motorcycle helmets began in 1935, when T.E. Lawrence (better known as Lawrence of Arabia) suffered a fatal motorcycle crash. His neurosurgeon, Hugh Cairns, began the research that would eventually lead to the development of the motorcycle crash helmet. The first patent for a motorcycle helmet was submitted in 1935 by Professor C.F. "Red" Lombard. The earliest helmets were made of leather, which didn't do much in the way of impact protection, but did prevent abrasions and "road rash." Later helmets changed radically in design and materials-in the 1960s, safety helmets had exteriors made of fiberglass, and interiors lined with polyurethane foam or cork. Most modern helmets are made from plastic, carbon fiber or Kevlar, and are designed to be impact and puncture resistant.

Protective Gear

The right gear is considered one of the most important aspects of motorcycle safety, next to awareness, and rider training. The earliest motorcycle "gear" grew out of the use of motorcycles in the military during World War 1. Short coats replaced dusters so they wouldn't get caught in the motorcycle spokes; heavy boots and pegged breeches protected the legs. While these might have been functional, they weren't terribly stylish.

The most recognizable motorcycle gear is probably the leather jacket, first made famous by Marlon Brando in the film The Wild One. While a simple leather jacket can help protect from abrasions, modern protective gear may be made of sufficiently thick leather or with ballistic nylon or Kevlar, and some have carbon fiber armor on major impact points, such as shoulders, elbows and the knees. Some high-end motorcycle jackets and race suits even have a built-in airbag system, which inflates to protect the neck and torso. There are also street oriented airbag vests that inflate when a rider has a sudden get-off from his/her machine.

Believed by some to be even more durable-but with limited actual lab tests to back up assertions-is motorcycle armor, which is usually constructed of foam or hard plastic with foam laminate on the inside, or hard foam plates designed to protect the shoulders, elbows, and knees. Motorcycle armor was specifically designed to increase the chances of survival in an accident.

The Evolution of Safety Laws

In 1966, the Highway Safety Act required states to pass mandatory helmet laws in order to receive federal highway funding. In that same year, The American National Safety Standard for Motorcycle Helmets was introduced, which set obligatory performance standards that manufacturers were required to meet. However, Congress withdrew the requirement in 1975, and as a result, many states repealed their mandatory helmet laws. Now mandatory helmet laws vary from state to state.

The Hurt Report, published in 1981, showed most accidents involving a motorcycle occurred as a result of car drivers failing to see motorcycles. The report also showed that helmets significantly reduced the chance of death or debilitating brain injury. The MAIDS (Motorcycle Accidents in Depth Study) Report, published in 2000, showed that motorcycles were "over represented" in traffic accidents, and that most motorcycle accidents involved collisions with a passenger vehicle. These studies have left organizations like The Governors Highway Safety Association to encourage the implementation of helmet laws and motorcycle operating training.

The Future of Motorcycle Safety

Motorcycle safety gear has grown dramatically in sophistication over the last century-full airbag suits, durable materials, even virtual heads-up displays are being developed to increase the safety and survivability of the motorcycle enthusiast. But technology can only go so far. Just as important as gear is training, awareness, and skill needed to stay safe on a motorcycle.

Hope to see you at our next Chapter Meeting and remember to be visible. "Safety is Lifesaving".

Steve & Shirley Kremer

News from Your District Directors

Frank & Linda Teasley
Alabama District Directors

Greetings fellow riders, here we are winding down summer (or at least some of the summer heat). Football season is underway and that means that cooler weather cannot be far behind. With the cooler weather come many more opportunities to get out and ride and enjoy this great country ours without overheating. We hope you have many fall rides planned for you and your chapter. Remember why you bought your Goldwing in the first place!

At this writing the Alabama Safety Weekend is coming up very soon. We hope everyone that plans to attend has signed up for any of the classes that they desired to take. There will be many opportunities for both riders and co-riders that weekend to extend not only their riding skills but their knowledge as well. The planning stage is almost complete and we are looking forward to another great weekend in Alabama. We hope to see all of you there!

Later on in Oct is the Mississippi District Rally in Gulfport, Ms. This is a great venue and the Mississippi District Team always put on a great event. We hope you are making plans to be there. Later in October, the Region A rally will take place at the Lakepoint lodge in Eufaula. The region team has been hard at work planning a fun weekend for all including the selection of the new Region A Couple of the Year. Dewey and Alice Cole have done a great job of representing both Region A and Alabama this past year and now our own Carl and Jan Breeding will be hoping to take their place. Please be there on Friday morning to show your support for Carl and Jan.

In closing please remember all of our men and women in uniform and their families as well as all of our first responders and their families. When you see any of these folks out please say hello and give them a big thank you for what they do each and every day. We hope to see all of you out on the road,
Frank and Linda Teasley

A Note from Your District Educators

Rider Education/Motorist Awareness

Carl & Jan Breeding
Alabama District Rider Education Motorist Awareness Coordinators

Regretfully, we must inform all that the district Rider Education Weekend is cancelled.  The location is not available to us to use on the scheduled date, and we cannot get a date when it could be re-scheduled.  We will work together to try and locate another location and reschedule this for the spring when riding season starts back up in earnest. Even though this was something I could not prevent, I do offer my sincere apology for having to cancel.

I hope that everyone else enjoyed Wing Ding as much as Jan and I did! Bama Santa sure enjoyed himself, he got his picture taken with all of the GWRRA big shots, and took a Trike with Trailer Rider Course (TTRC) as a Co-Rider.  He was so enthusiastic that he went with us to chapter B and took a First Aid / CPR course so he could be a level III Co-Rider.  Such Dedication.

We will see many of you in Gulfport at the Mississippi Rally, or in Eufaula at the Region A Convention.  Until then, be safe on the road.


A Note from our Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

Kenneth & Veronica Campbell
Alabama District Membership Enhancement Coordinators

  Well, another Wing Ding has come and gone.  If you were not there, you missed a good one. The weather was great and the facilities were outstanding.  I guess the only complaint I heard was the spot where they had the drill teams set up.  Some nice bleachers in the shade were just there for their looks I guess.  A lot of folks had to leave without seeing them all.  I for one, standing out in the sun for that long is a little too much for my old wore out back and hips.
  Dewey and Alice Cole should have been selected as International COY, but as you know there is a lot of scoring in the back ground that you don’t see on stage.
  Safety weekend is only a few days away.  If you want to do any of the Rider EDG, class’s you need to get registered if you haven’t already.  OCT.3rd and 4th are the dates. This is at the HONDA MFG. plant in Lincoln, AL.  This is off I 20 Exit 165 north. Cross HWY 78 and the third entrance on the right.  Please obey all the speed limits on Honda Property.  We don’t want you in the Honda Jail.  LOL
    OCT is going to be a busy month with safety weekend the first weekend, then the MS Rally the third weekend, then we wind down with the Region A Rally the 5th weekend.  I hope to see a lot of you at all three events, or at least some of them.
  By the way, some are complaining about the weather in Billings in September.  You need to look at the weather out there.  The next ten days 75 to 82 for highs and 47 to 57 for the lows. That is good riding temps.  I will see you there and yes I will ride.
  OK, I will shut up till next time.
  Enjoy the weather get out and ride.  Go visit another chapter.
    Be safe

  Kenneth & Veronica Campbell
  AL. Dist. MEC’s

A Note from Your North Assistant District Directors

Robert & Gail Brown
North Assistant District Directors

Wing Ding is now in the history books and it was a good one. The weather was good and Huntsville really rolled out the Red Carpet for all of the Goldwingers in attendance.  We hope that Huntsville Alabama is placed on the list for future Wing Dings.

Dewey & Alice Cole represented Region A in the Couple of the Year selection and did a great job.  Region A was in large attendance for the selection and we are sure Dewey & Alice really appreciated the support.  Although they were robbed and not selected they will still be winners with us.  While on the subject we have another couple that will be in the selection process at the Region A Rally October 29-30th.  Carl & Jan Breeding will be in the selection and we need to be there to support them as they move forward in the Couple of the Year program.

The Mississippi Rally is the next one and Alabama has always had a great turnout.  October 15-17th in Gulfport, Ms.  They are in a new location and we are looking to have a good time so come on down and have a good time.

Robert & Gail Brown

Recipe of the Month

A favorite from Julie Bradley

Slow - Cooked Corn Chowder

2 ½ Cups Milk
1 can (14 ¾ ounces) cream-style corn
1 can (10 ¾ ounces) condensed cream of mushroom soup
1 ¾ Cups frozen corn
1 Cup frozen shredded hash brown potatoes
1 Cup cubed fully cooked ham
1 large onion, chopped
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
2 teaspoons dried parsley flakes
Salt and pepper to taste

In a 3 qt. slow cooker, combine all ingredients.  Cover and cook on low for 6 hours.

Yield: 8 servings (2 quarts)

Scheduled Events for the Month

October - 2015

1,    Thu - Dinner - Stevi B's Pizza -- 6:15pm - 5510 Promenade Point Pkwy NW, Suite 140, Madison, AL 
2,    Fri - Event - Athens Fiddler Convention (thru Saturday evening) 
3,    Sat - Ride - Impromptu Ride destination TBD -- 9am - Athens Shell
    - Rider Education Safety Weekend - Lincoln, AL -- (thru Sunday)

5,    Mon - Happy Birthday Carl Breeding
8,    Thu - Athens Eagle Wings Gathering -- 2nd Thursday of the month 6:15pm to eat/7pm to meet IHOP, 16211 Athens-Limestone Boulevard Athens, AL

10,    Sat - Ride - North Alabama Children's Home Benefit with Chapter S -- 8am - Athens Shell (Meet Chapter S at 10am the Longshore Cycle Center, 913 Mitchell Blvd., Florence AL 35630 for a 11am departure to the Childrens Home.) 

12,    Mon - Event - Ghost Tour of Athens -- 6:30pm - meet at Market and Houston St.
  - Columbus Holiday (Observed)
15,    Thu - Dinner - Mildred's Restaurant -- 6:15pm - 27842 Main St, Ardmore, AL
    - GWRRA - Mississippi District Rally (Thru Saturday)
17,    Sat - Ride - Impromptu Ride destination TBD -- 9am - Athens Shell

22,    Thu - Dinner - Taziki's of Madison -- 6:15 - 105 Brookridge Dr. Madison, Alabama 35758 (Located in the shopping center between Target and the Madison Hospital, on the South side of US 72.) 
24,    Sat - Ride - Pumpkinfest -- 9am - Athens Shell (Historic Downtown Franklin, TN) 

25,    Sun - Happy Anniversary Jerry & Melissa Rodgers
27,    Tue - Happy Anniversary Tony and Carla Cato
29,    Thu - Dinner - Call a Friend
    - GWRRA - Region A Rally (Thru Saturday)
31,    Sat - Ride - Yabba Dabba Do Impromptu Ride -- 9am - Athens Shell
    - Halloween

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