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Rider Education Levels

Let's start by reviewing the levels.

Level I is Safety by Commitment. It is simply a commitment on your part to ride safely. This may not sound like much, but if you take this commitment seriously, you will find yourself thinking about safety more often, and that will lead to safer riding habits. But how do you know how to ride safely? That's what your Rider Educators are for! Ask us questions, and suggest topics for seminars for the chapter that are of interest to you. Attending seminars at the GWRRA rallies is another excellent source of safety information.

Level II is Safety by Education, and you can qualify for this level by taking a rider education course, such as a Basic Riding Course (BRC), the Experienced Rider Course (ERC), or the Trike Rider's Course (TRC). Carl & Jan are qualified Rider Coaches for the TRC, and there are several convenient instructors for the ARC.  Think about taking the classes at Wing Ding, you may even make a new friend. For coriders, you simply need to take a GWRRA co-rider seminar or a two-up rider course. We encourage everyone to take one of these courses if you have not had one recently. These courses not only help sharpen our riding skills, they also remind us of important safety tips we may have forgotten.

Level III is Safety by Preparedness. This level requires current qualification in either a First Aid or CPR course or a commitment to carry a First Aid kit in your motorcycle at all times. You Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge might ask, how does this make me a safer rider? It doesn't, but it can help lessen the seriousness of an accident. You could help save someone's life with CPR or reduce the severity of an injury with First Aid. Carl and Jan are also Medic/First Aid instructors.

Level IV is Safety by Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness. The commitment part is easy: just commit to wearing proper riding apparel at all times while riding! While proper apparel won't prevent an accident, it can definitely reduce the severity of injuries you might suffer. To achieve level IV, you must also have 25,000 safe miles and have current certification in both CPR and First Aid. Among other things, these qualifications serve as an excellent example to your riding companions that you consider safety to be important.

If you would like to participate in this program, we would be happy to help you get started. If you already participate but would like to move up a level, we'll help you with that too. Let's make 2015 a very safe first year for Chapter H!

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